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colosal, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈlɑsəl/ /kəˈlɒs(ə)l/

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    (amount/size/building/strength) colosal
    (amount/size/building/strength) descomunal
    (idiot) de tomo y lomo coloquial
    • She has put on a colossal amount of weight though, so I hope she's doing ok and it's not a bad sign.
    • For any of them to become a reality would require a massive amount of consultation, colossal investment and a great deal of faith.
    • It made £4500 in 1973, which was a colossal amount of money.
    • I thought it was a mistake of colossal magnitude and I still do.
    • It's a colossal mistake to dismiss the book blog community.
    • Well in fact, that 1% cut in central government is 1% of a colossal amount of our money.
    • Every one knows of the huge waiting lists of the NHS; just think what a difference the colossal amounts of money paid out in compensation would make to these!
    • If you give them enough space and have a good summer, bees will store a colossal amount of honey; I got 120 pounds out of one hive on a good summer.
    • Even at the remove of twenty years many of the key players in the dreadful tragedy could still not accept that they had made colossal mistakes on the night.
    • £35,000 is a colossal amount of debt to start your working life with.
    • They spend colossal amounts of money on their dogs over there.
    • In fact, this meant a colossal amount of foreign travel.
    • Yet it is a colossal mistake to concentrate on the negative aspects of our society and to be blind to so much of value.
    • Thanks to some very generous donations and a colossal amount of hard work, it's all taken shape.
    • They are on all the time and use a colossal amount of electricity.
    • Now we're paying a huge price for their colossal mistake.
    • On the surface, it would appear to be a colossal waste of money.
    • I actually thought about charging for it, which would have been a colossal mistake.
    • The amount of money generated for the local economy in salaries alone is colossal.
    • So colossal was the output that Blackburn was the greatest weaving town in the world.
    • The five-bay front facade has a three-bay, colossal, fluted, composite order portico which is repeated on the five-bay rear façade.
    • Michelangelo emphasizes the massiveness of the Senators’ palace by using the colossal order and balustrade above a tall base.
    • It is also the only building in the parish with colossal order columns.