Translation of colt in Spanish:


potro, n.

Pronunciation /koʊlt/ /kəʊlt/

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  • 1

    (young horse)
    potro masculine
    • The total number of horses - 2,668 colts, 2,440 fillies, and two geldings - is 219 more than last year's previous record of 4,891.
    • The card is highlighted by a pair of stakes of $75,000 stakes for older fillies and mares and for older colts and geldings.
    • I thought her performance was excellent, better than anything she had achieved before, since she was taking on colts and older horses for the first time.
    • Most times he was starting colts and fixing problem horses, inevitably winding up being the resident horse guy.
    • I hated this time of year as the young colts or filly used to be brought to the forge to have something done to their feet.
    • The colt began picking off horses but soon ran out of running room on the inside.
    • For example, a young colt will turn to put his primary line in line with yours and he'll raise his head to grow taller and get a good look.
    • The colt, now aged four, has embarked on what is already a successful stud career.
    • She pressed her hand against the forehead of a young colt, which whinnied in surprise and delight.
    • The brood mare section has classes for sport horses, filly and colts, foals, Irish Draught mares, Irish Draught filly foal qualifiers and Irish Sport horse foal qualifier.
    • We always wanted young horses but we never had any colts before, so we started getting into it.
    • My fondest memory at our farm was watching my brother training the young colts in the paddock in the summer days while I sat on the fence nearby.
    • The colt reared and began galloping when other horses breezed past him.
    • The allotment includes 12 fillies and eight colts, many with ties to American racing.
    • Any colt or filly who wins a Classic is likely to be much sought after as a stallion or brood mare.
    • He changes the notion of kingship by riding on a colt rather than a horse.
    • I visited her whenever I was able, and helped deliver her foals, splendid colts and fillies, who, in their own careers, bore the greatest soldiers of the age on their mightiest campaigns.
    • Recently, a young colt died as a direct result of eating grass cuttings discarded in his field.
    • Two colts brought the joint highest price for a male on the day of $525,000.
    • Male colts become reproductively active at approximately five years.
  • 2 Trademark Colt

    colt masculine, feminine Trademark
    • The problem is found in discerning which Colts are black powder guns and which are smokeless.
    • I always had the feeling the flintlock had a much slower lock time than the Colt cap and ball revolver.
    • The sheriff had a shotgun in one hand and a Colt revolver in the other.
    • It resembles many of the English revolvers more closely than the Colts and Remingtons.
    • The US forces retained the Colt automatic which had been in use since 1911.
  • 3British

    junior masculine, feminine
    • Further proof of the success of the junior and colts hockey programme at Ben Rhydding Hockey Club is the selection of two boys for the North East of England.
    • Both are products of the Ilkley mini, junior and colts sections.
    • His proud dad- who now coaches Romford Hockey Club's colts team - said competing in the national championships would offer the whole team a great chance to shine in front of the watching England selectors.
    • She is a qualified coach and umpire who has helped develop an impressive number of pupils from the school who play in the colts teams at Ealing, Brentham, Perivale and Wembley cricket clubs.
    • He was always a great supporter of the club and supported cricket right down to the colts, the youth team.
    • The whole team's work rate and tackling were exceptional and made what was potentially a tricky divisional quarter-final tie into a showcase of junior colts rugby at its best.
    • The 17-year-old polled five votes in the colts competition's fairest and best award, the Jack Clarke Medal, and was a member of East Fremantle's colts premiership team.
    • He was the captain of the state's colts team in 1996-97 and 1997-98, and also toured Zimbabwe with an Australian Academy team in 1998-99.
    • North Fremantle is looking to field two colts teams in next year's amateur competition so the future is looking as bright as the past.
    • The colts that constitute the ‘A’ team and representing the quintessence of the second line talent waiting for national recognition should strive to match the deeds of their predecessors.
    • The match will be between seniors, colts and juniors for the Alec Armstrong Memorial Shield.
    • He said the club already catered for 200 juniors on Sundays and ran three or four senior sides in addition to two colts teams.
    • Both came through the superb colts section at the Ilkley-based club where up to 80 girls train on a Wednesday night and a similar number of boys on a Friday night.
    • We have seen players drop catches that children catch in the playground, make fielding errors that would have the coach of a colts side roaring in fury.
    • I made the league team at 18 and then kicked three goals in the colts grand final and I felt pretty good about myself.
    • All three have come up through the county sides, the boys, the colts and the full county teams.
    • The qualification for some of those games is that the provincial teams were missing All Blacks, New Zealand colts and sevens players, and had very little time together to prepare.
    • The grandson of an East Fremantle player played just one colts game for the Sharks prior to being drafted at 10 in 1999 by Hawthorn.
    • On some days he would play a colts ' match in the morning and then be driven by his father to a club match in the afternoon - anything to play and have a bat.
    • The draw for the first game (North Divisional quarter-finals) will take place on Sunday, when the colts are due to travel to Leigh on Sunday to complete the league season.