Translation of columnist in Spanish:


columnista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑləmnəst/ /ˈkɑləməst/ /ˈkɒləm(n)ɪst/

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    columnista masculine, feminine
    articulista masculine, feminine
    • He is a graduate student at Harvard University and a columnist for the Journalist magazine.
    • For many newspaper editors and columnists, some sections of society seem to be fair game.
    • It's worth remembering that newspaper columnists write one or maybe two features a week.
    • What journalism needs now, he says, is fewer columnists and more reporters getting out of the office and talking to real people.
    • Several columnists for mainstream daily newspapers cut to the heart of the matter.
    • Some newspaper columnists use that one for anything they don't like or that one of their mates has argued against.
    • I'd seen what those newspaper columnists had been sprouting first hand.
    • Frankly, it's frustrating for our journalists and columnists to have to find new ways to rehash the same material.
    • It's a story you hear trotted out by politicians trying to make a point or ivory tower newspaper columnists trying to fill a page.
    • He is a widely syndicated newspaper columnist, a frequent contributor to leading periodicals, and a lecturer.
    • He was a prolific essayist and widely syndicated newspaper columnist.
    • Ten nationally syndicated columnists wrote columns violently attacking me and the university for this unprecedented assault on American values.
    • He currently resides in Barbados and is a weekly newspaper columnist.
    • "You shouldn't trust what those gossip columnists write, " she chided.
    • Since then the gossip columnists have been doing their best to sniff out the real reasons behind the split.
    • I'm going to become a teen magazine advice columnist.
    • And a gossip columnist can get sued every bit as quickly as any reporter.
    • Most of them are opinions held by regular columnists in the paper deliberately stuck in there to wind people up.
    • Today, he is the paper's nationally recognized, award-winning humor columnist.
    • Perhaps the best sports columnist of all time, Smith wrote what he saw.