Traducción de combative en español:


combativo, adj.

Pronunciación /kəmˈbædɪv/ /ˈkɒmbətɪv/ /ˈkʌmbətɪv/

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    • This combative style is not surprising given her background.
    • Even many who sympathize with his concerns find his combative style haughty and unforgiving.
    • Now 27, his combative style has become crucial to Leeds United's title challenge.
    • Correction must be firm enough for the dog to want to work to avoid it but not aggressive or combative.
    • The focus is on those people actually taking part in hostilities in a combative role.
    • Some families are more combative than others and, yes, it's normal for siblings to fight.
    • In that combative battlefield there seems to be no middle ground, just the immovable solidarity of two irreconcilable forces.
    • They were very combative, and very competitive internally and externally.
    • To prove his point, the combative attorney general played a familiar Washington game.
    • Footwear is in a seductive and strangely combative mood this season.
    • To label as combative this epic standoff from this morning's show would be to understate the man's pugilistic expertise.
    • Although combative in his ideas, he was the opposite of an ideological monomaniac.
    • If you said something combative, the person you spoke to is probably less than thrilled.
    • Then again, are the police trained to handle such cases that are obviously combative but also sensitive?
    • Political life is a combative life, with positions being tested and retested before they're taken out into the world.
    • He shows wonderful energy, putting himself all over the field to combative purpose, and he passes the ball well enough.
    • While this received plenty of laughs, the combative chairman was not amused as will be revealed later.
    • I like the combative side and I enjoy a challenge but I'm a genuine player.
    • At times she is combative, at times submissive, according to the situation and her state of mind.
    • Criticising the work of such a combative figure is hardly a low-risk occupation.