Translation of combo in Spanish:


conjunto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmboʊ/ /ˈkɒmbəʊ/


  • 1

    (de jazz) conjunto masculine
    • Because, for all of their rock leanings, they are a jazz combo in the best way possible - each player brings a potent set of chops to his respective instrument.
    • Live music at Saturday's event was provided by a 19-piece dance band, two jazz combos and two original 1960s groups.
    • Ironically, the room is so small that one can hardly envision any kind of live band in it, even a small jazz combo like the one that Jones used.
    • In World War I some of the army regimental bands had formed jazz combos to entertain their buddies.
    • The Brazilian samba band, like a symphony orchestra or a jazz combo, unites distinctive voices into an exciting whole.
    • The ensemble isn't your usual combo for a rock band.
    • She has performed with the Greensboro Philharmonia, saxophone quartets and small jazz combos.
    • There's no doubt that keeping an old-style surf-twang instrumental rock combo fresh is hard work.
    • Turning his back on the empty symphonic effects that have become clichés, he is breaking new musical ground, using a big steel band as an expansion of his jazz combos.
    • After college, he started playing in jazz and funk combos around the Manchester student pubs of Withington and Fallowfield for a few quid and some beer.
    • By the war's end, demand for small combos rendered Goodman's big bands obsolete.
    • It's true there seems to be more pre-punk throwback groups and romantically connected combos gigging nowadays than there were CBGB crowd members in '76.
    • Wearing another hat many people around Cumbria will have seen him perform solo or as part of his jazz combo.
    • American-, Brazilian-, and Cuban-influenced jazz combos enjoy a small but dedicated following.
    • Obviously when people come into the church and they see a double-bass and a drummer and piano player, it has that look of being a jazz combo right from the start.
    • As an organizational psychologist, he has studied the inner workings of everything from firefighting crews to jazz combos.
    • The classically trained violinist started her career playing in jazz combos.
    • The Georgia section, host of the meeting, also celebrated its 100th anniversary with a lively banquet and a jazz combo.
    • There's also a remote chance these lads have heard of an obscure combo called The Rolling Stones.
    • Members of the popular local jazz combo will be moving far away from their jazzy roots this weekend, however, and will hopefully be creating a whole new buzz with a set of original jazz based vibes.