Translation of combust in Spanish:


hacer combustión, v.

Pronunciation /kəmˈbəst/ /kəmˈbʌst/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer combustión
    to combust spontaneously arder en / de forma espontánea
    • This gentle contemplation was soon broken, however, by the overwhelming odours of sulphur and phosphorous, and for a brief moment the thought occurred that the building had spontaneously combusted from the pure energy.
    • The Daily Mail building would spontaneously combust.
    • Fiberglass insulation, in contrast, melts at slightly over 1,100 degrees, and cellulose combusts during house fires.
    • If the pressure in the cylinder exceeds this point then the fuel will combust before the spark plug fires, thus throwing the engine's rhythm out of time.
    • It combusts perfectly, leaving no residue, no ash.
    • The title comes from an image of a moth so in love with a flame that it keeps flinging itself into a candle until it combusts.
    • During ascents, a single-setting heel lifter keeps your calves from combusting, while the girth of the two-edged ‘skis’ makes walking through deep powder a breeze.
    • Everything she feels is combusting in her face.
    • He was calm outwardly; inside, as he said later, he was combusting.
    • But heading down the 18th, back in the lead he enjoyed at the start of play, he nearly combusted but managed to rescue a bogey after a less than perfect approach shot, over-long chip and over-hit putt.
    • If a writer pens something purely for the sake of getting readers riled up, especially when it's something she or he doesn't really believe, it seems to me that all credibility and trust has spontaneously combusted.
    • But I do love a good fight: sources have reported that the two were vacationing on the exotic beach of St. Tropez and almost combusted with fury.
    • One disaster averted, the visitors swiftly combusted again.
    • If two men planning such an attack spontaneously combusted minutes before they initiated it, I'd call that fortunate.
    • Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year.
    • They always come to a halt, have a price check, and sometimes spontaneously combust the second I get in line.
    • Therefore the engine combusts a little bit less and puts out slightly less thrust.
    • In a typical experiment to determine the heat of combustion, a known amount of substance would be combusted in a sealed container (a bomb calorimeter) submerged in a well-insulated water bath.
    • They had run off terrified to their panel van, and backed it cautiously down the track before roaring off in a cloud of incompletely combusted petrol fumes and clattering beer cans.
    • This resulted in the conversion of English iron works to coke - a partially combusted form of coal generated in much the same way as charcoal.