Translation of come-hither in Spanish:


insinuante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkəmˈhɪðər/

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    • From her studies, that would suggest that love's catalyst for men is beautiful, come-hither women.
    • The advertising campaign features a buxom Argentine model in a swimsuit giving the camera her loveliest come-hither look.
    • They had a look of eroticism… a come-hither quality that I couldn't explain.
    • She's blessed with eyes, half-shadowed by sexy lowered lids, resulting in a come-hither stare that will nail you to the wall.
    • She's lying in the grass, staring at me with those eyes, the perfect come-hither look.
    • The shimmering jewellery was no match for his come-hither looks, brilliant charm and athletic build amid the alluring chains, enticing pendants and gorgeous necklaces.
    • But he seemed intent on pretending that my come-hither look was nothing more than admiration of his impressive portfolio, which frankly it was.
    • The Internet is flooded with come-hither Web sites.
    • How often are women in bikinis or lingerie found with their limbs spread, or in a come-hither pose?
    • With a beguiling, over the shoulder, come-hither look, she began to dance to the music.
    • With the vintage costumes, the vampy dance moves, and the occasionally campy songs, the entertainers' underlying message to their customers seems clear: We may have come-hither eyes, but this is all an act.
    • As our evening wound to a close, she openly worried that her purse - though incredibly fetching with its come-hither stitching - could not contain the funds to accommodate such an evening.
    • She clutched my hand and looked at me with a hunger in her eyes, a come-hither look that always made me feel weak-kneed and helpless, like putty in her hands.
    • I'm sure she was frustrated and confused when I excused myself and went to talk to someone else, but it seemed unkind to let her go with her come-hither poses and gestures when they left me cold.
    • Normally I didn't do this kind of thing, especially to people I didn't know very well, but I told you she had this really come-hither look on her face.
    • This good-time gal pushes men away while flashing a come-hither look; they have to decide whether the light in her eyes is red or green.
    • There's a kind of come-hither quality about that, I would think.
    • After a six-month absence, the come-hither tulips are extremely tempting in their lilacs, scarlets, apricots and girly pinks.
    • She met Aaron's gaze and batted her lashes in what he supposed was meant to be a come-hither look, but seemed more like soot caught in her eyes.
    • There are other distractions too, I noticed, wearing tight sarongs, and rather come-hither smiles.