Translation of comedown in Spanish:


degradación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmˌdaʊn/ /ˈkʌmdaʊn/


  • 1

    degradación feminine
    humillación feminine
    • This is a sad comedown for the man who was once the most important figure in the comic book industry.
    • That is a comedown for Bangalore's development portal which was headed by a core team of professionals and eminent citizens.
    • Only 10% of broadband subscribers get its service now, a big comedown for a company that once had 50% of the Net-access market.
    • What a comedown for the land known in ancient times as Arabia Felix, or Happy Arabia, whose rulers included the Queen of Sheba and whose caravan routes supplied frankincense and myrrh to the Holy Roman Empire.
    • It might seem somewhat a comedown for the nation's telecom commentariat, but the big issue in telecommunications for 2005 is municipal broadband provision.
    • Still, his reputation is under assault - quite the comedown for a guy who is a hometown hero in both San Diego and Houston.
    • He feels that the commissioner job would be a comedown for the minister.
    • It was quite a comedown for a former super star with 446 career major league home runs.
    • The comedown occurred later rather than sooner.
    • Typically, when offered good roles on TV, she didn't consider the small screen a comedown, but welcomed the opportunity to do some of her best work.
    • A slide from 74% to 70% ain't that big of a comedown.
    • For someone who was one of the nation's top TV presenters, the chance to appear in the reality show represents a significant comedown.
    • They had been talking about going home and making scrambled eggs - which would be quite a comedown from last night's glorious dinner.
    • It was a bit of a comedown in that we had to pack up everything and then spend 48 hours homeless - living in other people's spare rooms, our car packed to the gunnels with all our worldly possessions.
    • For some of the non-American workers who were supposed to be the foot soldiers of a new technological era, the comedown has been devastating, and incredibly sudden.
    • Is it a comedown to take a trip that doesn't set any records?
    • Subtlety has never been a trademark of the Internet, so don't expect its comedown to be any less tasteful or underscored than its ascension.
    • When he was known at all, he was thought of as a writer of noirish detective thrillers, which were seen as a comedown from promising literary beginnings.
    • It's a big comedown in one sense, a remarkable comeback in another.
    • Part-time football may seem a comedown, but he insists he has never enjoyed his football as much.