Translation of comfort in Spanish:


comodidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmfərt/ /ˈkʌmfət/

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    • 1.1(physical, material)

      comodidad feminine
      confort masculine
      to live in comfort vivir desahogadamente / con holgura
      • she believes in traveling in comfort le gusta viajar cómodamente / con comodidad
      • A world where some live in comfort and plenty, while half of the human race lives on less than $2 a day, is neither just nor stable.
      • Diversion and manipulation are niche marketed, the spectacle of prosperity and comfort is produced, and huge profits are made.
      • Despite living in wealth and comfort, the family was far from happy.
      • I'm getting to the point where I really could quite happily compromise my morals and standards, find some rich old guy and live a life of comfort and luxury.
      • There is a genteel air of comfort and prosperity here and a crisp and clean environment only adds to it.
      • After all, he enjoyed a high position and was living in comfort and luxury.
      • Idi Amin is still living in comfort in Saudi Arabia.
      • Here, he thought, academics could live in comfort cheek-by-jowl with students in more modest accommodation.
      • They are so heavily rewarded for modest finishes that they can live their lives in comfort without having achieved much on their own.
      • My fortune enabled me to live my life in comfort, but it also gave me too much time.
      • Having made it through university, they want to live in comfort and make good money working in places such as Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen.
      • The residents and guests of the Grand Hotel live their lives in comfort and splendor, spending their days in the bar or on the dance floor.
      • Today many Han live in comfort, both in the city and the country.
      • Although conditions ran to the squalid, many immigrants preferred saving their earnings to living in comfort.
      • Make sure our future duchess will live in comfort.
      • The pigs on the other hand did not work at all but lived in comfort.
      • In our heady economic comfort, we have lived alone and let our neighbor die.
      • How could this be possible, this unfair life of toil, all for a lethargic baron who lived in comfort?
      • He sends her to live in comfort in a lonely manor-house, only prohibiting her from seeing him or her children again.
      • He had two children with her but his pension was insufficient to allow the family to live in comfort.
      • Although there's little scientific data to support these modalities, they can ease pain and provide comfort for your pet.
      • These particular do-gooders know what is good for the bulk of people who only want to be able to move around the town with a bit of freedom, ease and comfort.
      • Many travellers enjoy the ease and comfort of train travel and, for those who have time on their side, it's a great way to traverse our enormous country.
      • Absurdly for something which causes so much damage to its surroundings, the car symbolise comfort, convenience and freedom for the self.
      • Hence we should devote our most serious efforts to bringing about mental peace rather than physical comfort.
      • The modular pads of the suspension system offer improved stability and physical comfort.
      • You can have excellent peripheral vision and at the same time, ease, comfort and convenience.
      • She appreciates the fact that in Bulgaria, there is all the convenience and comfort of regular utility services like water, electricity, and heating.
      • For this second mode of reception we, as an audience, have been trained into wanting physical comfort [in the cinema, at home] with food, drink on hand.
      • The suspension system is an assembly of modular pads that offer improved stability on the wearer's head as well as physical comfort.
      • We've learned from our evaluations that physical comfort is much more important to parents than children.
      • It nourishes the desire for things higher than mere physical comfort.
      • Does there seem to be a generous supply of equipment, time and space, physical comfort and well being amongst staff and children?
      • Instead, you will have green cover greeting your eyes ensuring physical comfort and mental pleasure.
      • Between the three of them they lugged the baggage into the building to the elevator where they traveled up the 13 floors in comfort and ease.
      • He doesn't sit in his low-slung leather chair so much as melt into it, his body surrendering at once to a rare moment of physical comfort.
      • In certain Eastern religions, sages and adepts may make sacrifices of their own physical comfort in order to receive enlightenment.
      • He seemed concerned about your physical comfort as well.
      • Obviously, food selection can have an impact on physical comfort during chemotherapy, when mouth sores and mucositis affect the ability to eat.
      • With the ease and comfort of airline travel British and European anglers are travelling to warmer climes for their holidays and taking advantage of this exciting fishing.

    • 1.2(sth pleasant, luxury)

      comodidad feminine
      all the comforts of a modern home todas las comodidades / todo el confort del hogar moderno
      • she likes her home comforts le gusta estar rodeada de comodidades
      • It's an even tighter squeeze once he's added the comforts which ease his solitary existence.
      • Hot dogs and bug juice may be necessary to sustain life, but physical comforts are an essential ingredient to sustain emotional health.
      • One broad generalization is applicable to all of us in our life: The genetic material we inherit compels us to seek more and more physical comforts and sensual pleasures.
      • They can be very selfish where their physical comforts are concerned.
      • When there's nothing left to say, you turn to physical comforts, and pretend that still means something.
      • Despite having all the physical comforts we could ask for, we pined for Jimmy.
      • This isn't the first time that students have put the comforts of the western world behind them to help in one of the poorest regions of the world.
      • We cannot be content with ‘cheap comforts, living a warm and comfortable lie.’
      • It has a host of modern comforts and conveniences alongside numerous period features throughout its 240 square metres of living space.
      • Other comforts include allowing travellers with personal headphones to plug into a variety of music channels and complimentary timetable booklets placed on each seat.
      • In other words, it offers almost all the comforts and luxuries foreign travelers are accustomed to.
      • Such comforts take the forms of more leisure and ease in life in the field of physical sciences, while in the spiritual field they become rituals and traditions.
      • With the wisdom of those past years we need to tweak it a bit because people like their comforts.
      • And we surrounded ourselves with personal comforts.
      • He is, of course, known for his travels within the comforts of the developed world.
      • Participants have been selected from hundreds of applicants to leave behind their families, jobs and home comforts to live together under one roof and conform to strict house rules.
      • We should have correction centres with no comforts or special privileges such as colour television or pool tables.
      • They believe that by travelling without the comforts of luxury hotels and first class trains they will truly experience their foreign surroundings.
      • Lounge into adjustable reclining seats, manipulate the overhead AC vents to your liking and take your fill of the comforts of luxury travel.
      • During this time Louis XIV was in power and royalty lived in ridiculous comforts while French commoners starved.

  • 2

    consuelo masculine
    words of comfort palabras de consuelo
    • to give comfort to sb consolar / reconfortar a algn
    • to give aid and comfort to terrorists cooperar con terroristas
    • he was a great comfort to me when my mother died me sirvió de mucho consuelo cuando murió mi madre
    • it's a comfort to know that you're there es reconfortante / un consuelo saber que estás ahí
    • it is small comfort to me to know that … poco me consuela saber que …
    • to take comfort from sth consolarse con algo
    • you can take comfort from the fact that you're not the only one puedes consolarte pensando que no eres el único
    • to be cold comfort no servir de consuelo
    • He was given words of comfort and sympathy by fellow MPs in the Commons yesterday following the death of his wife.
    • He was accepting words of consolation and comfort from his visitors with such a sad and distressed look on his face.
    • She always had a word of consolation and comfort to all who had the pleasure of knowing her.
    • Her singing had brought great life and joy to many occasions but it had also brought great comfort, support and consolation to those in bereavement.
    • Numerous too were the funeral Masses he celebrated over the years and he was always a source of comfort and consolation to families in times of grief.
    • Always putting foremost the welfare of others, she was, for many years, a Handmaid in Knock where she helped bring comfort, solace and support to those in need.
    • Colin, recently bereaved, has been invited to tea by his friends, who whilst they nervously await his arrival, are determined to give him some comfort in his grief.
    • I don't know what to say, how to express my feelings to the bereaved, whether to offer words of comfort and sympathy or tell them to be brave.
    • A family, unused to the centre of the stage and broken in grief, draw comfort from the predictability of the rituals.
    • If someone has the gift of speaking words of comfort and help, he should speak.
    • Tears flowed freely and words of comfort and condolence were repeated over and over to the devastated family.
    • The couple's only comfort in their grief is that other teenagers may now think twice before getting into a stolen car.
    • The look on his face is one of genuine grief, empathy and comfort.
    • There is something very natural about a funeral from the home in which a person has spent their life and it can also be a source of great comfort and consolation to those grieving the loss of a loved one.
    • Do we sometimes think of religion as a soother, that it's about making us feel good, or providing comfort and consolation?
    • And I warn you in advance that there'll be absolutely nothing here of comfort or consolation.
    • We also wish to express our appreciation to all the family, neighbors and friends for their words of comfort and support during this difficult time.
    • But this was of little consolation or comfort to the latter who for the second year running had lost out at the final hurdle.
    • He does, however, see an opportunity for brands to provide consumers with comfort and relief from the anxieties caused by safety fears.
    • As a result of the tragic event of losing a child, these mothers turn to religion for consolation and comfort.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (child) consolar
    (bereaved person) consolar
    (bereaved person) confortar
    I was comforted by the knowledge that you'd be there me reconfortó saber que estarías allí
    • Stories of her presence comforting soldiers in the trenches of WWI abounded.
    • His presence comforts me though - something about his personality makes me feel warm inside.
    • And they comforted her with their presence and with their appreciation and just by the fact that they listened.
    • How your strength comforts me, my gallant warrior; your love is the armour that protects my soul, even unto death.
    • Even if no one ever contacts you this way, just the presence of this information comforts edgy customers.
    • I was comforted by the presence of Helen and the new baby and by the support of friends.
    • But tonight I didn't have the time or strength to comfort her, and at that moment I was just as terrified as she was.
    • You do it when the kid is upset, and you have to carry him, and you're trying to comfort him and protect him as you walk.
    • Something inside me, possibly my instinct, tells me that I should comfort him, consoling him in any possible way.
    • Police, medical staff, relatives and friends were today comforting the family.
    • I held her hand and comforted her, an inadequate gesture for an elderly person about to live on the street in a tent.
    • My friends try to comfort me by suggesting that any publicity is good publicity and that a picture is worth a thousand words.
    • As a consequence the listener really feels soothed and comforted throughout.
    • My instinct is to soothe and comfort; I can never just walk away.
    • She doesn't comfort, soothe or sympathise - she is just out to get me as much as she can.
    • They comfort, console, offer hope, inspire humanitarian endeavors, and can inspire work for justice.
    • The songs on the album prove meditative, probing, and soothing all at once; they comfort without slipping into naivete.
    • Our natural impulse is to soothe, to comfort, to relieve suffering.
    • They're there for me - they comfort, cajole, coerce, cohort, conspire, and commiserate.
    • She could vaguely smell his cologne, a smell that comforted her.
    • A refreshing breeze comforted the golfers but hampered their game.
    • Players trek into deep jungle and coconut mangroves while comforted by the cool breezes from the ocean.
    • Comfort yourself with its minestrone soup, made Sicilian style - pure vegetables, no pasta.
    • Refreshed and relaxed, Michiko dined outdoors, comforted by the crackling sounds of the fire and hot bowls of rice with roasted guinea hen.
    • The Cape, with its soft sea breezes, had always comforted Tyianne when she vacationed here.
    • Her former secretary recalls Daphne dispatching her housekeeper on more than one occasion with a Thermos of soup to comfort some ailing don.
    • Have you ever started a diet one week, only to comfort yourself with an entire pan of brownies the next?