Translation of comforting in Spanish:


de consuelo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmfərdɪŋ/ /ˈkʌmfətɪŋ/


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    (words) de consuelo
    (words) reconfortante
    it's a comforting thought es reconfortante / es un consuelo pensarlo
    • She was grateful for his comforting words and reassuring gestures.
    • It is comforting to think that his was a death with dignity and solitude.
    • The concept of a tragic flaw, after all, is strangely comforting, even absolving.
    • It's comforting to know that there are some things in life that are constant.
    • The ideal best friend would have found something incredibly nice or comforting to say.
    • Usually the noise of my best friend's family is comforting, but today it was overwhelming.
    • It's comforting to know the business is in good hands.
    • They both share the same psychiatrist and are completely dependent upon him as a comforting father figure.
    • Talking to friends and family, even your minister, can be comforting.
    • Ryan reached over and put a comforting hand on Marilee's shoulder.
    • After seeking help from counselors and advice from friends, Betsy and Jack tried to establish as many comforting routines as possible.
    • "At least it's comforting that we're together, and we can give each other support if we need it," he said.
    • It is always more comforting to know that someone else feels the same way you do.
    • There was something comforting about being an intern, to feel that there was always someone above you to call, even at 3am.
    • Just knowing that I do not have to go through this alone is more than comforting.