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cómico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑmɪk/ /ˈkɒmɪk/

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    (actor/scene) cómico
    (writer) humorístico
    • You are witty, have great comic timing and a fantastic accent.
    • Grint's got fantastic comic timing and knows exactly how far to take it, often stealing a scene with nothing more than a look.
    • It's a hilarious film full of gems of comic absurdity that are mixed in with nonchalant understatement.
    • Although this astonishing horse never sets hoof on stage, it looms large in the mind's eye, thanks to this stand-up comic monologue.
    • These elements, coupled with some spot-on comic timing are side-splitting to behold.
    • Some messages are genuinely funny, others unintentionally comic.
    • The songs also allow each character to unveil her inner life, as a sort of monologue both moving and comic.
    • It is a high-wire act of comic absurdity with a safety net of sentimentality.
    • There seems to be an unwritten law that football songs should be comic or humorous, or at least not too serious.
    • In the latter, it was somewhat hard to connect to the characters, who often seemed exaggerated for comic effect.
    • Is this a smear, or is she merely exaggerating for comic effect, I wonder?
    • The actors give convincing and entertaining performances with great comic pitch and timing.
    • On stage, with her impeccable comic timing, she is very funny.
    • He knows what funny is, and can do comic timing, given a script.
    • It's both funny and sad, but thanks to the poet's excellent comic timing, it's mostly funny.
    • It's an indulgent fantasy, saved by Chow's precise comic timing and the preposterous action sequences.
    • I couldn't tell if he was offended or joking, but I was leaning towards the comic side.
    • Not unless he is simply to reacting to the comic timing instead of the core of the joke, which is possible.
    • For comic effect it has a character whose supposedly hilarious weakness is to use phrases that have gone out of fashion.
    • Fast-paced comic fun, with a strong whiff of circus slapstick, for the discerning younger viewer.
    • It may have been written in a comic style, but it's hardly the barrel of laughs the reviewers make it out to be.
    • This is the theatrical ambition of every comic actor who dreams of going beyond comedy to tragedy.
    • It is a unique mix of comedy characters and comic sketches spiced up by a team of the best writers and performers.
    • He has inherited his father's comic style, low key and thoroughly decent.
    • This cheapens and degrades the movie and insults the current style of the comic franchise.
    • Not pointing any finger but as a comic actor used to say ‘I only asked’.
    • I knew I had sort of a comic talent, comic timing, and I wanted to be a comic actor.
    • That's the difference between comic drama and corporate motivation.
    • It's a darkly comic drama, which makes you wonder how they get away with it.
    • However she baulks at the suggestion that the picture will be a comic drama.
    • It is such sheer joy to watch someone like Sandler enhance his skill as a comic actor.
    • During the day fancy dress competitions were held, bowling and tennis tournaments and entertainment from several comic bands.
    • His exploits make for comic entertainment on these increasingly cold nights in.
    • They're also frequently funny, though the comic scenes are almost invariably laced with tragedy or fear.
    • These four issues are some of the best mainstream comic entertainment I have read.
    • A second later Val and Sam jumped out in laughter, as though they were the cleverest comic geniuses.
    • You do not need to be a great comic writer to give written or spoken communication a humorous edge.
    • Roadside entertainment involved a man in a comic mask, walking around and fooling bystanders.
    • In Dawn, we finally - and it was about time - have a British comic heroine who is not idiotically silly.
    • He is a witty, engaging presence in the early comic scenes, portraying the doctor with soft-spoken befuddlement.


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    humorista masculino, femenino
    cómico masculino
    cómica femenino
    • Half of the work for a stand-up comic is actually the willingness to put yourself out there and give it a shot.
    • As a stand-up comic, MacAulay has a rare gift - he can put his audience at ease and mercilessly ridicule them at the same time.
    • My grandfather was a clergyman in the Church of England and he was one of the funniest stand-up comics I ever met.
    • These stand-up comics make a living performing at Comedy Clubs.
    • Grantham, an occasional amateur stand-up comic, wants people to laugh along.
    • Comedians have voted the late Peter Cook the greatest comic of all time.
    • At its worst, it's like a humorless stand-up comic's miserable childhood routine.
    • Sara is a writer and stand-up comic who works quite happily in San Francisco, thank you very much.
    • By night he's a singer and stand-up comic who uses bad language and tackles controversial social issues.
    • We sat laughing and gasping in awe at the writing, the delivery and the sheer brilliance of Britain's best stand-up comic.
    • But I did arrive at a point in my life where I realized I would not be a huge stand-up comic.
    • Kay also brought in some comics he had met on the stand-up circuit.
    • The Liverpool comic and impressionist cancelled his Grand Opera House show only 90 minutes before it was due to start.
    • The comic had risen through the stand-up ranks, working hard at developing an act after his initial performances drew derision.
    • Milton Berle told me once comics make good actors because they're acting all the time.
    • It's like when you go to a comedy club, and the less experienced comics get up and start pulling out the lewd jokes.
    • And we want to do it with laughter, concentrating on what comics do best - communicate.
    • Obviously a comic needs a spontaneous funny side to them, but there's a technical side as well.
    • Not being as funny as they once were is what every comic dreads.
    • Jim is a lot more entertaining to me as a comic than as an actor.
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      (book) comic masculino
      (book) libro de historietas masculino
      (magazine) comic masculino
      (magazine) revista de historietas femenino
      (magazine) tebeo masculino España
      (magazine) revista de chistes femenino Río de la Plata
      • Children shared books, comics and newspapers with a family member or friend to see how much literature they could get through in a week.
      • Do I go for a long wander around London or do I stay in and finally sort out the piles of books, comics and magazines in the hallway?
      • During the publication of the monthly comic, one issue in particular stands out.
      • Children have not been left out: there is a huge collection ranging from colouring books to popular comics.
      • Crayons and paper, puzzle books, small books and comics are a few ideas.
      • For the first time in centuries, the weekly publication of Batman comics was broken.
      • It's always a treat for the child if you take a few things along with you, such as comics, books, stickers and coloured pens.
      • The idea of becoming a journalist came from Superman comics.
      • An interesting development has been that I'm spending hours reading books and comics again, and enjoying them.
      • I stopped buying regular monthly comics a few years back so I don't do this anymore, but at one time I was there with the best of them.
      • I wasn't even in double-digits then, but I knew that these comics were special.
      • I've lost most of my copies of your books & comics by lending them to people to read.
      • I can't wait to begin reading it as I love all of your other books and comics I have seen so much!
      • Auntie May, who was the manageress of a bookshop, sent me supplies of new books and comics.
      • There was a buggy park in the waiting room, as well as comics for children and magazines for adults.
      • The fair offers a fabulous range - from comics to regular books.
      • Between January 31 and February 17, there were loads of discounts on books and comics for children.
      • It was in the bathroom, next to yesterday's comics and a skateboard catalog.
      • The range of magazines and comics for children is one of the largest.
      • The beauty of this comic is in its fantastic combination of literary and artistic skills.

    • 2.2comics pluralEEUU (comic strips)

      tiras cómicas femenino
      historietas femenino
      monitos masculino Andes, México
      • We loaded the car up with snacks, comics, some storybooks and a selection of toys in order to keep up Zachery's interest.
      • He was not the caricature that cartoonists and comics had created.
      • Transparencies were made of the cartoons and comics to share with students.
      • I stared at the pink walls covered in horse posters, sketches, and drawn comics.
      • Satrapi illustrates her comics in a simple style, but don't let that fool you.
      • Born in New York in 1923, Roy drew much of his inspiration from advertisements, comics and cartoons.
      • They draw comics of their favourite cartoon shows, and make a bundle at it.
      • Drawing comics for a living would appear to be a dream come true, but it has the unfortunate side effect of transforming leisure into work.
      • Actually she's been doing mostly comics and hadn't done actual drawing for years.
      • The style of production of independents who work on their own comics tends to differ from that of their contract work.
      • Drama and comics are also used to help students better understand the some of the more complex concepts.
      • However, I try to take 15 minutes each day to read the daily comics in the newspaper.
      • Sam sat at the rickety old table, sipping a cup of coffee and skimming through the comics in the daily paper.
      • How on earth can the most truthful thing in the newspaper be the comics?