Translation of coming in Spanish:


próximo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmɪŋ/ /ˈkʌmɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (week/year) próximo
    (week/year) entrante
    this coming Monday este lunes
    • the parties are preparing for the coming election los partidos se preparan para las próximas elecciones
    • she was the only one to foresee the coming crisis fue la única que supo ver la crisis que se avecinaba / que se preparaba
    • It was a lovely occasion and it is hoped to hold a similar event in the coming months.
    • The couple said they will be organising lots of fundraising events over the coming year.
    • What hints have been dropped in the past two issues about the events of the coming months?
    • These very extreme rainfall events are going to become more common over the coming decades.
    • Now a decision has been taken to enter a second team in the league for the coming season.
    • So yet again this coming bank holiday weekend is going to be a nightmare for a huge number of rail travellers.
    • Suffice to say that it doesn't for a moment deter me from living and working in London this coming year.
    • It is hoped the child will be taking his first steps on his own in the coming weeks.
    • The plan will be opened up to locals at a special launch in the coming weeks on a date to be arranged.
    • Some leaks have been found and it is hoped to check the complete area in the coming weeks.
    • Over the coming weeks they will be carrying out a survey on the streets of the County.
    • The trip proved so popular that the group hopes to plan a few more trips for the coming year.
    • The new album should be in big demand when it goes on general release in the coming weeks.
    • He is due to visit Britain in the coming weeks, to ask the group to decide if they want to press for an earlier trial.
    • Information about the scheme is to be delivered to homes in the coming months.
    • Whether it is ever opened depends largely on what happens in the coming weeks.
    • In the coming weeks he will discover whether the balance of power will allow him to dictate his own terms.
    • The behaviour of consumer spending over the coming months now holds the key to interest rates.
    • If he is to heed that advice you can be sure he will be watching these two teams more than once or twice over the coming weeks.
    • Correspondents say the device will redefine how the coming conflict will be reported.
  • 2 informal

    (writer/politician/executive) prometedor
    the coming thing lo que se va a llevar
    • But the coming man of national Democratic politics, says the Observer, is the little-known boss of The Bronx.
    • The coming man of English rugby talks to Matt about his two conversions: from league to union; and from drinker to thinker.


  • 1

    llegada feminine
    Religion advenimiento masculine