Traducción de commander en español:


comandante, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈmændər/ /kəˈmɑːndə/

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    (officer in command)
    comandante masculino, femenino
    • Warren served in the navy for five years, and was described by his senior naval commanders as a superior able seaman.
    • This contrasted sharply with the situation of the opposing commander, Admiral Villeneuve.
    • Incidentally, this pattern was that worn by captains and commanders from 1832-1939.
    • Cumberland later went back to sea with one captain and five commanders on board - the six are shortly to assume command of their own frigates and destroyers.
    • Allied naval commanders had a great respect for him, but he was not so highly thought of by some of his colleagues.
    • Prince Rupert had two military careers, as an army officer until 1646 and as a naval commander thereafter.
    • Admiral William Halsey was a senior American naval commander in the Pacific region during World War Two.
    • Senior commanders must ensure that this change is not permitted to affect the education of senior officers negatively.
    • Some commanders, such as Nelson, were expert intelligence officers; others were not.
    • And by giving the impression that naval commanders were dealing with the problem in a professional way he maintained the dynamism that Russians respect in a leader.
    • The Roman naval commanders of AD43 would have had a massive incentive to reduce these uncertainties by using the short crossing of the Dover Strait.
    • Two days later, he told naval commanders that there was ‘a limit to our patience’.
    • Both American and British naval commanders are already familiar with the Gulf.
    • Britain provided the deputy commander and some naval forces and other countries contributed a few ships.
    • This was not a ponderous process but the kind of decision making that one might expect of a commander in chief.
    • Admiral Nelson had several qualities that ensured his success as a naval commander.
    • We asked the commander of U.S. naval forces in the region about his efforts to keep the peace.
    • In simulation, however, such disasters can be reversed - a luxury not afforded to ship commanders in the field.
    • In Admiral Spruance, it had found one of the Pacific War's most effective tactical naval commanders.
    • They then appointed their own commanders in the police stations.
    • His assessment of the violence was backed by the district police commander for North Belfast.
    • The sergeant has taken over the role of section commander at Tidworth police station.
    • CNN reports that it contacted a police commander who had a vague recollection of arresting him.
    • The council executive believes the tactic would deter petty criminals from bad behaviour, and it wants the decision to be devolved from the Met to borough police commanders.
    • He wants to make communities more involved in policing and make police commanders of the future more accountable to criticism when services are not up to scratch.
    • He told police commanders here on Friday they should resign if they were not prepared to stop prisoners escaping from police holding cells.
    • Local police commanders were asked to comment on the concerns and they raised several issues including the gap between actual crime and the fear of crime.
    • Reacting to the outrage, Indonesian police commanders yesterday defended the conduct of investigators.
    • Police commanders concluded that it must have been swamped by waves and refused to conduct a search further east for signs of the life raft.
    • Police commanders ruled out a rooftop rescue that morning.
    • Greek police commanders said the men had talked regularly with hostage negotiators by mobile phone.
    • No one was jailed and the police commanders involved were promoted to higher posts.
    • The police commander said the terrorists deliberately set out to kill and to injure as many people as possible.
    • The police commander told the students that drug use and criminal activities pose a constant threat to young people today.
    • On that basis, the police commander decides to storm the house.
    • The borough patrol are being replaced by police community support officers, who have similar powers but come under the control of police commanders.
    • The strategy holds police commanders accountable for crime rates.
    • Mr O'Connor said the association was concerned, but he did not blame the district commanders, whose performance was measured by crime statistics.
    • In attendance from the police were a number of senior officers led by the local area commander.
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    (navy rank)
    capitán de fragata masculino