Translation of commend in Spanish:


elogiar, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈmɛnd/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(praise)

      (person/work/action) elogiar
      to commend sb for sth elogiar a algn por algo

      • highly commended
      • Senior control operators are now looking at the possibility of officially commending Fiona for her efforts.
      • Restored Victorian buildings and innovative new designs have been officially commended in a town watchdog's annual awards.
      • Fire officers plan to officially commend Jonathan for his bravery.
      • An aspect commended and praised only last year by the senior chief inspector of schools, in a report on school standards.
      • When good decisions are taken people get praised and they get commended, and rightly so.
      • Stuart gave evidence at the trial and was commended by the judge for his ‘quite extraordinary’ actions.
      • The judge commended Hazel for the degree of detailed information in her project.
      • The use of longer words is probably rewarded, praised or at least commended.
      • She said: ‘I enjoy my job so it's an honour to be commended for doing something I love.’
      • The judge surprisingly commends him for his fine civic performance and bids him continue with his good work.
      • He should be commended and judges in other former dictatorships should follow his lead.
      • You've also been a great help and even an inspiration to many people, and I commend you and actually admire you for that.
      • A York youngster who helped to rescue a woman from a burning flat has been commended for his bravery by the city's most senior judge.
      • However, I think she holds her own well, and I commend her for taking a role in such a challenging film.
      • I commend the Government and the officials responsible.
      • The film's cast is acquitted, and most are commended for fine work.
      • Judge Hastie greeted me warmly in his chambers and commended me on my academic achievement.
      • I wanted to commend you on your excellent review of the film, and the moving artistic commentary.
      • Well done on a presentation of excellence - all involved are to be commended.
      • She commended the staff and students for their commitment to recycling.

    • 1.2(recommend)

      to commend sth to sb recomendar(le) algo a algn

      • his work did not commend itself to the judges
      the book has little/much to commend it el libro tiene pocos/muchos méritos
      • Cynical consultants would expect the Department of Health to suggest such a move, but it is quite astonishing that the BMA should not just suggest but commend this to us and at standard rates of pay.
      • With those few remarks, I commend the revised Standing Orders and the committee's recommendation to this House.
      • It is not one that commended itself to the judge originally dealing with the paper application.
      • Your Honour, what has just fallen from your Honour is exactly what commended itself to the learned President.
      • I thank the select committee for its consideration of the bill, and I commend the committee's report to the House.
      • I applaud the work that has been done by the select committee, and I commend this work, as it is shaped, to the House.
      • I commend this bill, as reported back from the select committee, to the House.
      • With that, I commend it very firmly to the Committee.
      • A decision is expected to be made in early July when the Prime Minster commends his choice to the Queen.
      • We get to that point in racing that commends horses to us by their winning or at least giving it their best shot.
      • We commend our readers to the advertisement which appears in this issue.
      • We commend this constitution to the Prime Minister, his Cabinet, the opposition, the judiciary and all Government officials.
      • I commend this motion to the House as a declaration of support for the McCartney family and their pursuit for justice.
      • I commend the story to your attention, for no reason other than that I think it's funny.
      • We commend the book to your attention and will provide our own take on it as soon as we have had a chance to read it.
      • I commend this suggestion to your readers, to the national park, and to the owners of the site.
      • Your reviewer commends the book to the reader of these pages.
      • This reviewer accepts that conclusion and commends the book to readers with three observations.
      • But on the other hand, what commends us to God is not how good we are, because we just can't be good enough.
      • Her gentle, good humoured and obliging nature, mild manner and unassuming disposition commended her to all fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.

  • 2 formal

    • 2.1(entrust)

      to commend sb/sth to sb encomendar(le) algn/algo a algn

      • she commended her soul to God
      • I commended my soul to God and said in a quaking voice, ‘Yes.’
      • And like untold hundreds of men and woman have done throughout the Conference's 57-year history, I closed my eyes, commended my soul to God, and accepted the invitation.
      • Mr. O'Neal thanked God for the life of the deceased and the service he rendered and commended his soul to God.
      • There is something right about commending the body to the care of the earth, letting the earth from which we came work its quiet dissolution.
      • At the end of Jesus' life his commended his spirit to God.
      • I was so hoping I was on my way out, that I commended my spirit to death and passed out.
      • I commend the guidelines to you as a practical tool to assist you in preventing discrimination happening and for dealing with it if it does occur.
      • We commend Jim to these things, to a God who loves him and welcomes him home, to a God who loves us and welcomes us home.
      • Farewell, Julia Child, I commend you to the place of happy memories for my generation, Rest In Peace.
      • In the case of the dead, we commend them to the mercy of God (as the Pope did) and ask that he judge them mercifully.

    • 2.2(in polite formulas)

      commend me to your family presente mis respetos a su familia formal
      • And for this I commend them to their station commander.
      • My dear and well beloved father, I commend me to you, doing you to wit that I have but a little while to go and am like within a short time with the grace of God to be delivered of child.
      • When her Son saw her and his other friends weeping with a tearful voice he commended her to John.
      • Let not my disappearance upset you at all, for I am hurrying off to commend you to Christ.
      • Please commend me to my cousin.