Translation of commendable in Spanish:


loable, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈmɛndəb(ə)l/

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    digno de elogio
    digno de alabanza
    digno de encomio
    • Steve Sterling did a commendable job in his first year at the helm on Long Island.
    • I think it's very commendable when young people want to live in a village, but they are being discriminated against.
    • The other members of the cast do commendable work with far less compelling roles.
    • I see it as commendable effort especially when the last time I ran was like in 2002.
    • They went about their task with commendable commitment, skill and enthusiasm.
    • She had been in ill health for sometime but had borne her sickness with commendable courage and a serene nature.
    • Still, he always does a commendable job of putting a lot of good facts together in a small space.
    • Given just a couple hours to tell a tale I think all in all the folks involved did a commendable job.
    • The solar system model was commendable and the visitors were amazed by the creativity of the children.
    • Make your own judgements, but I'll just mention a couple of commendable additions.
    • This is indeed a very commendable idea on which all religious groups must take appropriate action.
    • As a president with a great sense of public relations, he may be commendable, and so are his ministers.
    • I think that is very commendable and that is not an issue in doubt.
    • It is especially commendable that he has made so many characters come to life in verse.
    • This is very commendable as far as standards and professionalism are concerned.
    • Bringing cheer to the faces of the underprivileged is always a commendable job.
    • There is a great interest in the swimming competition, which is highly commendable.
    • Many large corporates have taken commendable steps to improve workplace posture and healthcare.
    • She finds it difficult, but there are very commendable qualities with her.
    • This is very commendable and those people have, I am sure, the silent thanks of the general public.