Translation of comment in Spanish:


comentario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmɛnt/ /ˈkɒmɛnt/

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    comentario masculine
    observación feminine
    comment on sth/sb
    to make a comment about sth hacer un comentario / una observación sobre algo
    • he made some nasty comments about her habló muy mal de ella
    • However, your knee-jerk reaction to my comments on your blog leaves little to be desired.
    • Frank's come back with further comments on my earlier remarks.
    • Any comments on this opinion will be gratefully received.
    • Give us your reactions to stories, comments on conservation issues and other feedback and opinion.
    • Thanks to a number of others who have offered advice and comments on this project.
    • I welcome any constructive comments on this opinion.
    • Graduate students are asked to email the instructor questions or comments on readings before the class meets each week.
    • I really enjoyed reading the comments on my post from yesterday, and the many responses those comments engendered.
    • I am looking forward to reading comments on this opinion, but I will not respond to mindless comments that are little more than abuse.
    • Nicholas started to count, ignoring her snide comment and commencing on his plan.
    • I should just add a brief comment in relation to one of the claims brought by the company.
    • I appreciate the insightful comments of two anonymous reviewers.
    • Even the teachers have been heard making racist comments.
    • We invited Erich Goode to submit a brief comment in response to Glenn Sparks's article.
    • I ignored her snide comment and instead gazed around the house with distaste.
    • The government declined public comment.
    • See also the reader comments at the end of this issue.
    • Members will remember that Johnson made a similar comment along those lines.
    • Government officials were not available for comment, but are expected to welcome the nomination.
    • McCarty looked at the butler and, without comment, handed him a covered dish.
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    comentarios masculine
    to pass comment on sth hacer comentarios sobre algo
    • the minister is unavailable for comment el ministro no desea hacer ningún comentario
    • I have no further comment to make no tengo nada que agregar
    • the divorce caused much comment el divorcio suscitó muchos comentarios / fue muy comentado
    • Laing noted that a number of challenges had been identified and highlighted several issues for discussion and public comment.
    • Although all turns out fine in the end, the ending is not typical and it even finds time for self-reflective comment on the fickle nature of the movie industry.
    • The ALRC is seeking public comment on the issues raised in the discussion paper.
    • I note that the Minister took an extensive call and raised a number of issues that do need discussion and comment.
    • Our readers expect critical comment - repeated at intervals if the issues are ongoing.
    • However, the purpose of these scribblings is primarily to pass comment on current events, not to further depress its readers.
    • Now a new orthodoxy is shaping comment and analysis about events in the country.
    • Still, angry voices have been raised, and that anger has become an issue deserving some comment.
    • Before we address the potential significance of our findings, some technical issues deserve comment.
    • It shows the cops do heed public comment and act on issues.
    • We invite comment on the event from any parties who might be able to provide an explanation for such a large magnetic anomaly.
    • The office staff provided comment on the issue of academic freedom and grading in connection with that dispute.
    • Industry concern over the need to identify new sources of revenue marks another area of comment and discussion.
    • Although the majority verdict reform will inevitably attract comment and discussion, it is not radical.
    • One of the most popular uses of blogs has been daily comment on the political issues of the day.
    • Once it became publicized, the bureau's gaffe generated much clucking and snide comment on the nature of incompetence.
    • Still, you do get a fair amount of critical comment in the newspapers and the print media.
    • When I was reading the news for BBC television, my brows prompted much comment and criticism.
    • Widespread corruption, which was the subject of much comment, seems to have ensured that it was the best, and not the worst, trees that were felled.
    • This essay is apparently a revised version of one which appeared earlier, and which aroused a certain amount of comment and ire.

intransitive verb

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    hacer comentarios
    to comment on sth hacer comentarios sobre algo

transitive verb

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