Translation of commentary in Spanish:


comentarios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmənˌtɛri/ /ˈkɒmənt(ə)ri/

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nounplural commentaries

  • 1

    Radio Sport Television
    (on event)
    comentarios masculine
    crónica feminine
    commentary box cabina de prensa
    • John Motson has been a television football commentator for the BBC since 1971, and has recently started doing radio match commentaries for BBC Radio Five Live.
    • He will also present other sports programmes for BBC London, fitting them into his schedule of commentaries for BBC Radio Five Live.
    • Green has been providing his unique commentaries for Radio Five since it started in 1994 and will continue to do so.
    • Gone are the days when we waited for the morning newspaper to fill in crucial gaps in the radio commentary of a cricket match.
    • In those days, when we had no tickets for the game and no TV, we'd stand by the stadium and listen to the radio commentary.
    • Kuttner also does occasional commentaries for National Public Radio.
    • It's a fast-paced mix of news, analysis, live commentaries and special reports.
    • Sometimes my Dad would get annoyed with the cricket commentary on TV, turn down the sound and listen to the commentary on the radio.
    • There's also the chance to access a selection of live audio commentaries of football and rugby matches, from BBC radio teams in England and Scotland.
    • Live Cup commentaries from every round of the Cup on Radio Scotland and a significant number of ties streamed live on the Internet.
    • And that is why his television commentary this summer at both Wimbledon and the US Open was given favourable reviews.
    • During your flight your captain will give you a full commentary, describing the scene below.
    • Thursday was the first day in-house ear pieces were on sale, allowing fans to hear the television commentary.
    • Often, after the programme, he would fly to the continent to do the live commentary on a Sunday afternoon international.
    • Last season the station covered an amazing 1,336 games with live commentaries at 405 games, more than any other broadcaster ever.
    • He was probably the first man to broadcast ball-by-ball commentary on English radio, in 1927.
    • For many years Radio Cambridgeshire has been the only radio station to provide live commentary of every home and away game.
    • A small onstage screen will give a running commentary in English.
    • The voice-over commentary covers his thoughts, a technique that can be dangerously indulgent.
    • The commentary team went crazy for the second and third Mexico goals.
  • 2

    comentario masculine
    • The commentary to both texts notes that significant harm need not be substantial but must be ‘more than trivial’.
    • The Javanese system comprises thousands of Islamic boarding schools that have been set up to teach the core texts of Islam, along with critiques and commentaries on those texts.
    • If only Brian Herbert would follow the example of Christopher Tolkien and publish the notes along with other commentaries.
    • The broad crucial overviews in Section I are followed in Section II by commentaries on individual texts or authors.
    • We begin with a text commentary from director Ruzowitsky and lead actor Barnaby Metschurat.
    • A good commentary on the text will raise these buried questions to consciousness.
    • The commentary in the book describing the Ashmolean Museum Collection states that: Figure 4 above shows a bronze buckle from the Caucasus Mountains, from the Old Hellenic Period, found in Georgia.
    • Moreover, the author's commentary on events is sensible, and the work is well illustrated and attractive.
    • National made very specific comments in its minority report in the commentary on the bill.
    • The commentary explains how all can live in Krishna consciousness even while performing the daily duties.
    • Along the way Gray offers idiosyncratic commentaries on Chaucer, Pepys, Gibbon, Milton and Burns.
    • Hoekstra, who was not involved in the new study, wrote an accompanying commentary in Nature.
    • Each is accompanied by the author's informative commentary which ranges from Roman roads to last century's shopkeepers.
    • A competent catalogue with the usual high-quality illustrations and commentary accompanies the exhibition.
    • The abbreviated text could be in Latin or Anglo-Norman French and was usually accompanied by a commentary.
    • His stunning new commentary on Galatians is already making the same impact on Pauline studies.
    • Here, in a 1535 commentary on Galatians 3: 13, Luther explains what took place on the Cross.
    • Today this commentary appears on the " inner " margin of virtually every Talmudic page.
    • An editorial commentary by Levine and colleagues accompanies this article.
    • However she assisted her father Theon of Alexandria in writing his eleven part commentary on Ptolemy's Almagest.