Traducción de commentator en español:


comentarista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑmənˌteɪdər/ /ˈkɒmənteɪtə/

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    comentarista masculino, femenino
    • A comment by a leading commentator on British industrial performance, David Coates, is suggestive.
    • Indeed, commentators often observe that it is almost impossible to know where the Prime Minister ends and his adviser begins.
    • Although the President denied bowing to industry pressure, few analysts or commentators were convinced.
    • At a stroke, all the critics and commentators who had bridled at the appointment of a foreign manager were silenced.
    • The City and economics commentators have broadly endorsed this approach.
    • But the British commentators and pundits appear only to see them through English eyes.
    • As already noted, some feminists and social commentators have commented on its limitations.
    • Most economic commentators now expect interest to be cut at least once more before Christmas.
    • His films have divided critics and commentators like those of no other American director.
    • There are as many interpretations as there are commentators, so I may as well offer my own.
    • This was pointed out by commentators from leading Danish and international media.
    • This is a widely held view among analysts and commentators, a number of whom are quoted in the memo.
    • All the critics and commentators had to do was sit back and wait for the new golden age of cinema.
    • He is a commentator and writer.
    • Another commentator wrote recently about a growing tidal wave fast engulfing Labour.
    • He has also made a name for himself as an expert commentator on the latest trends in gifts and gizmos.
    • As always during a crisis, the commentators and critics are clogging America's talk shows.
    • He then spent months as a television commentator criticizing the president's action.
    • The danger lies in the possibility of hype from investors, pundits and poorly informed commentators.
    • I'm a fan of her as an author, but as a social commentator she's way off-beam.