Translation of commercial art in Spanish:

commercial art

arte publicitario, n.


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    arte publicitario masculine
    • Blinder blurred the line between museum art and decorative art, commercial art and fine art when he began selling Warhol paintings in a ground floor retail store.
    • He was born in London and after leaving school at 14 worked in advertising and commercial art whilst attending evening classes in painting.
    • ‘It has built up slowly over the years,’ says 55-year-old John, who trained in signwriting and commercial art at Gloucester Art School many years ago.
    • People in the creative field, especially those in commercial art, advertising, music and movies, want the special day to be a memorable one… in more ways than one.
    • During these years she did a number of freelance design jobs in commercial art, including logos, layouts and drawings for fashion advertisements.
    • I want my students to be prepared for commercial art employment, and it seems that commercial art is mainly being done on the computer.
    • This is an outlet for my commercial art, fashion design and publishing work.
    • I tried to get my head around the idea that Farley somehow didn't consider his own work commercial art, even though every fiber of its creation shouted BUY ME.
    • He says: ‘I did life drawing and all that sort of thing, but I took over commercial art because I thought it was more interesting.’
    • Instead it is a fee charged for all the hassles attendant to the ‘design by committee’ process that is a matter of course in commercial art.
    • Leslie turned his hand to illustrating and other forms of commercial art in order to earn a living and he was commissioned to do the cover design for a magazine.
    • Many of these advertisements broke new ground and initiated a completely fresh style in British commercial art.
    • An obsession for some, big money for others, the sneaker is ultimate commercial art.
    • I suppose the general idea of the book is to trace the history of commercial art in Modern India from calendars to early advertisements to movie posters.
    • In Boston, DeCora continued working in commercial art, as an illustrator and graphic designer.
    • In the early 20th century airbrushes were used mainly for photographic retouching, and their principal use is now in commercial art.
    • In the recent past there was no art market either, no commercial art.
    • He adds, ‘The new division will round out our course offerings to prepare students to enter and excel in the world of commercial art.’
    • For more advanced students, this type of subject matter can neatly extend into studies of mythological creatures as well as aspects of commercial art and story illustrations.