Traducción de commercial bank en español:

commercial bank

banco comercial, n.


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    banco comercial masculino
    banco mercantil masculino
    • The potential expansionary effects of the transaction are shown as increases in the assets and liabilities of both the central bank and the commercial bank.
    • This comes in the wake of the increase last week in the bank rate - the rate at which the country's central bank lends to commercial banks.
    • If government spending is financed by borrowing from commercial banks, it means credit expansion and inflation.
    • Not all central banks, however, require commercial banks to deposit reserves.
    • Eventually, you should secure traditional loans or a line of credit through a commercial bank to acquire the assets you need for your start-up.
    • Cutting the Bank Rate will spur commercial banks to bring down their lending rates to borrowers.
    • In 1881 the population was around 260, and the town had two commercial banks, a savings bank and a flour mill.
    • The rates will be over 2 percentage points, lower than those generally offered by commercial banks.
    • Irish bank notes will be exchanged at commercial banks until the end of 2002.
    • The Chinese central bank has twice raised the reserve requirements for commercial banks and signalled that it is prepared to raise interest rates.
    • Members of the public can exchange the defect notes for good ones at any commercial bank or at the central bank offices.
    • Thailand has a large and relatively modern commercial sector, with domestic and foreign commercial banks and a stock exchange.
    • Currently the minimum deposits that commercial banks are asking for are too high excluding a lot of Zambians from financial services.
    • Earnings fell on Wall Street, but commercial banks have had spectacular success.
    • No commercial bank is happy to finance solar equipment, he adds.
    • And indeed, one can even argue that commercial banks are largely carry trade organizations.
    • As expected, commercial banks in Namibia have announced upward adjustments in their prime lending rates and home loans rates.
    • He said by working with commercial banks, the project would be able to help farmers especially small-scale ones to obtain loans.