Traducción de commiserate en español:


Pronunciación /kəˈmɪzəˌreɪt/ /kəˈmɪzəreɪt/

verbo intransitivo

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    I do commiserate, I know what it's like te compadezco, sé muy bien lo que es eso
    • I commiserated with him about losing his job le dije cuánto sentía que se hubiera quedado sin trabajo
    • They congratulate you on the streets after a victory and commiserate with you, or ask you what happened when you lose.
    • She was to go up to the house when she came home to commiserate with them.
    • He was the ‘unhappiest man in the land ‘, a singer you didn't so much listen to as commiserate with.
    • I would also like to commiserate with the unsuccessful candidates.
    • We commiserate with his wife and family, brothers, and sister Mary Kate, also with nephews and nieces, relatives and circle of friends who came to say goodbye.
    • After her novel was turned down by publishers and dropped by her agent, she created the site to commiserate with other aspiring authors.
    • Cllr Dalton was congratulated by his fellow members on the council who were also quick to commiserate with Cllr Scully for the manner in which he lost out.
    • We wish the committee well in future efforts to develop a Heritage Centre and commiserate with you on not receiving a grant from the Heritage Council on this.
    • So I called Chris - figured he could commiserate with me, since he got laid off from the same company about 6 months ago or so.
    • The operator on the end of the phone will speak flawless English, be chatty and polite and might even commiserate with you over the rotten weather where you live.
    • We will have 24 hours to think about the game, to have a few drinks and commiserate with each other, and then tomorrow we will get back to work.
    • She knew of his death and was to commiserate with his family had she returned home on Sunday.
    • ‘I commiserate with all the victims and those who lost their loved ones,’ she said during a radio broadcast.
    • We commiserate with fellow supporters when their heroes and their particular sporting interest goes down.
    • Following a breakup, a woman is likely to commiserate with her friends for a while and then get on with her life.
    • She must certainly come to commiserate with the poor woman on having had such ill fortune for so long.
    • The young ones don't complain, nor do they want us to commiserate with them.
    • People in that situation can commiserate with other parents about the difficulties, and then fall back on agreeing that ‘in the end it's all worthwhile’.
    • Her friends commiserated, of course, but could not comfort her.
    • I pitied the hapless patient and commiserated with the unhappy house officer, unsettled by the echoes of my own mistakes.