Translation of commissar in Spanish:


comisario político, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑməˌsɑr/ /ˌkɒmɪˈsɑː/


  • 1

    comisario político masculine
    comisaria política feminine
    • There are no aging commissars clinging on to party rule.
    • In time of war the political imperatives of the commissar might become subordinated to the professional needs of the field commander, but the concession was only temporary.
    • The code officer served as secretary and the commissar as prosecutor.
    • We were led upstairs, extremely exhausted, to the smarmy commissar's luxurious office with bedroom and en-suite bathroom.
    • The armies in which the left-wing commissars remained influential had taken the old Taiping route to Changsha and Wuhan.
    • The team was enjoying a little capitalist indulgence under the watchful eye of their commissar.
    • This elected the party's commissars and Lenin was the president.
    • There was a Nazi party commissar in every factory to make sure that the State's will was done.
    • Like the pope and the Soviet commissars of old, Greenspan appears to have discovered the political usefulness of posing as infallible.
    • Krementsov successfully portrays the scientists, their managers, the commissars and the local and national politicians.
    • Committing itself to preserving and protecting US capital markets, the Federal Reserve has since the onset of Mr. Greenspan's tenure in reality acted in a manner more befitting a Soviet commissar of the Cold War era.