Translation of committal in Spanish:


encarcelamiento, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈmɪdl/ /kəˈmɪt(ə)l/

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    • 1.1Law

      encarcelamiento masculine
      committal for trial procesamiento
      • committal proceedings sumario
      • He then poses an obvious question - at a time of falling crime and declining committals to prison, why was a commitment made to expand the prison system on an unprecedented scale?
      • This represents 85% of the total population committed to these prisons during the survey period and 6% of the roughly 11 000 committals to Irish prisons each year.
      • In such proceedings, the prisoner may challenge the lawfulness of his committal to prison on any ground open to him.
      • Whenever there is a reasonable alternative available instead of committal to prison, that alternative must be taken.
      • In family cases committal to prison was regarded as a last resort.
      • For example, the magistrates could only exercise their power of committal to prison on a finding of wilful refusal to pay or of culpable neglect.
      • Not surprisingly, therefore, the court is directing its mind to whether or not committal to prison is the appropriate order.
      • It was held that a breach had been established and that the remedy was to say that committal to prison in default was no longer available.
      • If he does not consent, he is at risk of committal to prison for contempt of court.
      • Last month, the Mental Health Commission chairman said the rate of involuntary committals was ‘embarrassingly high’ compared to other countries and the rates in the Republic had to be brought down.
      • He said the commission would be endeavouring to reduce the number of committals before five tribunals began overseeing involuntary admissions in the middle of next year.
      • The decision to sell the site comes after the Irish Prisons Service set up a group to examine the feasibility of the centre because of a decline in committals over the past few years.
      • Consideration was given at that time to applying for a committal to prison but as the policy is to use this as a last resort only other methods were tried first.
      • The acquittal will take the form of the special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity resulting in committal to a mental hospital.
      • Since then, Scottish police said, he has been in and out of prison and his dangerous behaviour led to his committal to the hospital last year.
      • Yesterday's application for the committal to prison of the six bricklayers was adjourned until January 21.
      • It may be the only thing that kept me from complete depression and committal to a mental hospital.
      • The three appeared in court on January 1 when a judge ordered their committal to Puerto De Santa Maria II prison, near Cadiz.
      • Robert Schumann's Four Short Fairy Tales opus 132, composed a few months before his final, tragic committal to the asylum at Enderich, was a new work for me.
      • The commission has also called for changes in the wording of the Bill so that committal to a designated centre was not the only option open to the judiciary if questions arose about a defendant's mental fitness.

    • 1.2(to hospital)

      reclusión feminine

  • 2

    committal to the grave sepultura
    • committal service exequias
    • Today hundreds of mourners were due to attend a joint funeral service at All Saints and Martyrs, Wood Street, in Langley, followed by committal at Blackley crematorium.
    • The funeral service takes place at St Peter's ad Vincula Church, Coggeshall on Wednesday followed by committal at Colchester Crematorium
    • A funeral service will be held at 11.30 am on Tuesday followed by committal at Howe Bridge Crematorium.
    • It is expected that the funeral service will be held at Bury Parish Church followed by committal at Overdale, Bolton.
    • His funeral will take place at 11 am on Monday at St Elizabeth's Parish Church followed by committal at Overdale West Chapel at 12 pm.
    • The funeral service will be held on Thursday at Horwich Parish Church at 10.15 am, followed by committal at Overdale West Chapel.
    • A funeral was held at St Mary's Church, Mellor, on Friday followed by committal at Pleasington Cemetery.
    • Her funeral was due to take place at today at St Peter's Church, Darwen, followed by the committal at Pleasington Crematorium followed by a gathering at the Whitehall Country Club.
    • His funeral and committal will take place at Overdale West Crematorium on Wednesday, August 20, at noon.
    • After the service, the funeral cortège made its way to Rochdale Crematorium for committal.
    • Removal to St. Paul's Church for funeral service took place on Sunday with committal afterwards to the Friends Burial Ground, Rosenallis.
    • The Oldham Scottish Pipe Band will lead the cortège into All Saints' Church for the service at 2pm before committal at the Crematorium at 3pm.
    • After the service his body was taken to Agecroft Crematorium Chapel for a committal and a small service attended by family and friends.
    • The funeral service is on Tuesday at St Philip and St James Church, Clifton, at 10 am, followed by the committal at Fulford Cemetery at 10.45 am.
    • It will be followed by a private committal with the policeman's family and friends.
    • A service will be held at Overdale Crematorium's West Chapel before committal at 3pm on Monday.
    • The minister said her funeral would be held at the Methodist Church, on Friday, at 11 am, before a committal ceremony at York Crematorium.
    • This was followed by a blessing and a private committal.