Translation of common law in Spanish:

common law

derecho consuetudinario, n.


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    derecho consuetudinario masculine
    common-law wife concubina
    • common-law marriage matrimonio consensual / de hecho
    • Her mother stood next to an open doorway and sobbed yesterday as the undertakers brought down her common-law husband's body.
    • Pension providers were recently asked if they make a point of never providing pensions for common-law partners under any circumstances.
    • The policy permits Iowa State to offer the same insurance credits for domestic partners enrolled in an Iowa State benefits plan as it does for married or common-law partners.
    • Like married spouses, common-law partners can opt out of the property sharing regime by entering into a written agreement dealing with their property.
    • In fact, you can use the money to help out your spouse or common-law partner - but not your kids.
    • Two individuals are affiliated only if they are spouses or common-law partners.
    • An Idutywa businesswoman and her common-law husband were found guilty of fraud involving theft of pension cheques amounting to more than R700 000.
    • Ingram's common-law husband knew and so did students.
    • Her common-law husband is Lawrence Dublay, who is 65 years old.
    • She'll remember her common-law husband of nine years for his extensive pin collection and for serving her breakfast in bed.
    • Her common-law husband, Manuel Ortega, had decided to pay her a visit at the family home in Guatemala.
    • At home, her common-law husband did an extra one to two hours of housework that she could no longer do after the accident.
    • Her common-law husband is a prison guard in Napanee, and was also on strike with OPSEU.
    • Within the hour, a man officers have described as her common-law husband went to police.
    • Having risen from a difficult childhood, difficulties with alcohol, loss of employment, his home and a failed marriage, he now has stable employment and enjoys a loving relationship with his common-law wife.
    • Over the years the whole issue of marriage has changed and many couples would rather live together as common-law husband and wife, many feel that if they got married then their whole relationship would change, for us this was never the case.

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    • En el derecho inglés, el término se refiere a la ley basada en la costumbre y en el fallo de los tribunales (derecho consuetudinario y jurisprudencia respectivamente), es decir que no ha sido creada en el Parlamento. A menudo se contrapone a derecho escrito (statute law). El derecho consuetudinario (common law) solo rige cuando el derecho escrito no se pronuncia en una materia.