Translation of commonly in Spanish:


comúnmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmənli/ /ˈkɒmənli/


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    (usually, widely)
    Ursa Minor, commonly known as the Little Bear Ursa Minor, comúnmente / vulgarmente conocida como la Osa Menor
    • she's commonly known as Tootsie todos la conocen como Tootsie
    • a commonly held belief/opinion una creencia/opinión muy generalizada / extendida
    • It is commonly stored for a long time but make sure that you consume it before the expiry date.
    • The tower is commonly known to be the oldest building in the whole of Oxford.
    • Heart failure is commonly caused by coronary artery disease and high blood pressure.
    • The giant structures are more commonly seen on rural hillsides than in busy city centres.
    • Mr Wilkins said the absence of a cinema in the town is a commonly raised issue.
    • The commonly held view of soap operas is that they don't truly represent real life.
    • The guide has also got some very interesting other facts on commonly muddled words.
    • This used to happen more commonly in the past when the kiosks were more part of the community.
    • The sense in which the word is commonly used would not however include persons of that description.
    • This species is also commonly cultivated for its cut flowers and is an outstanding garden plant.
    • Symptoms are often overlooked, as they are mild and commonly experienced by well people.
    • Other commonly recommended treatments such as drinking more fluid have not been proven.
    • These symptoms may last for some months or less commonly for a year or two.
    • A hip replacement is a commonly performed operation that can improve your quality of life.
    • They are certainly large in children of primary school age who are commonly taught the recorder.
    • They are most commonly found on the legs.
    • With trousers and skirts the label is commonly on the waistband and/or the hip pockets.
    • Risk assessments are commonly done, but it should be for the applicant to decide whether to do one.
    • This was commonly identified as information they would not otherwise have heard about.
    • Having a cataract removed is a commonly performed and generally safe operation.
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    (behave/speak) de manera ordinaria