Traducción de communion en español:


Pronunciación /kəˈmjunjən/ /kəˈmjuːnjən/

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  • 1

    • 1.1Communion(Eucharist)

      Holy Communion la Santa / Sagrada Comunión
      • to take Communion recibir la comunión / la eucaristía
      • communion cup cáliz
      • communion rail comulgatorio
      • communion service comunión

    • 1.2(denomination)

      confesión femenino
      • He courageously describes the discrimination and harm often visited upon one of Christianity's oldest communions - the Coptic Church.
      • This document still serves as a primary point of reference for Anglican dialogue with other Christian communions.
      • The advert says, ‘We are Christians, from different communions.’
      • Catholics, Orthodox and some older Protestant communions hold that membership in a church is an intrinsic feature of any relationship with God.
      • The First World War boosted pacifism among Baptists as well as among other Christian communions.
      • The Alpha course is eclectic in its choice of quotes from the various religious communions.
      • Today, the major Christian communions largely support democracy, even while necessarily retaining the right to criticize democratic decisions in the name of religious truth claims.
      • In some communions the clergy are the sole enunciators of Scripture.
      • This celebration of the relationship between two pilgrimage cathedrals was also a sign of mutual respect and affection between our two communions.
      • In a Communion made up of many different churches, discernment is required to identify what in any particular context are the crucial issues for the life of the Church.
      • How far can membership of a Communion of churches help a local church to discern what are the crucial issues in its own situation?
      • The Communion is made up of some thirty-eight provinces, most of which are in the Third World.
      • It was once alleged that the provinces in the Communion were held together by the Book of Common Prayer.
      • It is possible, and it certainly is to be hoped, that the church as the worldwide communion of Anglican churches is presently undergoing renewal and reinvention.
      • The king denied papal authority over England, and the Anglican Communion was born.
      • Compared with the Book of Common Prayer, modern prayer books in the Anglican Communion are grossly overweight.
      • He is, he insisted, Anglican and part of the ecclesial communion called Anglicanism.

  • 2 formal

    (exchange of ideas, fellowship)
    comunión femenino
    • I am in exclusive intimate spiritual communion with each of my devotees.
    • The sheer joy of that intimate communion with nature; the contented peace we discover on the banks of running waters - that's what it's really all about.
    • Their imaginations are dominated by the ghosts of the past, in intimate communion with the shimmering world of the dead.
    • When Francis spent time alone it was usually to find a more intimate, mystical communion with God.
    • It allows them to reach across the boundaries of geography and time to be in intimate communion with people they will never meet, but whom they hope to lead to God.
    • Worst of all expansion is eroding the precious and time-honored values of community with neighbors and communion with nature.
    • Not a synagogue, not a building, but a place for all the dispersed who are in search of community with Israel and communion with God.
    • Another aspect of serving the Lord is to have communion with Him.
    • I am open to so much more communion with the Lord and Lady this way.
    • By prayer and meditation the pious Buddhist enters into living communion with the heavenly Lord.
    • Think what is involved - personal communication and communion with the living God.
    • We were created for communion; communion with God and with each other.
    • Humanity knows itself not as isolated in this outer world of time and space, but as in communion with the spirits of the dead.
    • It is an authentic spiritual exercise, the Jewish equivalent of mystical communion with God.
    • For five years, he lived a life of meditation, of deep communion with nature during excursions into the mountains, of contemplation, and of prayer.
    • It was a very personal time of communion with God.
    • Only in close communion with him can you respond adequately.
    • For a while, time stops, and there's nothing important enough to intrude upon an old man's communion with the sun.
    • I would like to say it was a moment of serenity and communion with nature.
    • His own Christian message, he once admitted, was that the self is best realised through communion with others.
    • This relation is not one of appropriation, possession, or passive representation of knowledge, but of communion and co-creative participation.
    • Mutual participation or communion is an integral feature of Christian salvation.
    • Making, breaking, and distributing bread carried profound connotations of friendship, communion, giving, sharing, justice.
    • Human beings are called to participate in this loving communion.
    • Rather, it requested consideration of ways in which communion and understanding could be enhanced where serious differences threatened the life of a diverse worldwide Church.
    • But whereas with a single image of Rembrandt or Van Gogh we might feel a sense of communion or sympathy, with Warhol we simply find ourselves staring into the void.
    • Confronted by such bleakness, the only things left for Gilmore to affirm were the cycle of life itself and the simple joys of human communion and fellowship.
    • As the believers devoted themselves to teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer, they were filled with awe and saw many miracles.
    • I have emphasized that person-to-person communion deepens our connection with God.
    • God overcame our contextual differences and drew us together in deep communion.
    • Only through genuine communion can the suffering and oppression of some become real to all.
    • But for now I think I will simply worship at my private altar or around my table with my friends and loved ones and share in the communion we create amongst ourselves.
    • Participation in Christ is an instance of communion that opens believers to proportionate participation in all of the dimensions we have discussed.
    • Its goal is to help families faced with health problems by enhancing agency, a sense of personal control and choice, and communion, a sense of interpersonal connection.
    • Your deep yearning for communion originates from your soul and is a yearning for unity with God.
    • As stated above, communion also includes the ability to connect deeply with people.
    • A new understanding of Anglican identity is needed if we are to remain in communion across the colors and cultures, nations and nationalities that Anglicanism now embodies.
    • For Catholics, when we receive Holy Communion, it is a statement that we are in full communion with those people with whom we are taking Communion.
    • I'm just joining communion with the rest of the people of the city.