Traducción de communiqué en español:


comunicado, n.

Pronunciación /kəˌmjunəˈkeɪ/ /kəˈmjunəˌkeɪ/ /kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪ/

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    comunicado masculino
    the Government issued a communiqué el gobierno emitió un comunicado
    • a joint communiqué un comunicado conjunto
    • A number of media attended the media conference at the end of it, and a media communiqué was issued.
    • He will not engage in direct dialogue, but will issue communiques, or press releases, said the movement's secretary general.
    • It said that a spokesman was no longer needed, and the Commission would just issue direct communiques.
    • In an official communique released here, it was stated that a number of teams have been constituted to check the cases of theft of canal water.
    • The final communiqué also announced that a special fund would be set up to help the victims.
    • The only official source of information about the war is the limited communiqués issued by the Defence Ministry.
    • However, by the end of the war German newspapers were just single sheets of official communiqués and obituaries.
    • An official communiqué issued tonight by the Polish police revealed a widespread conspiracy to organise acts of sabotage.
    • The joint communique issued after the talks said that both countries honour the treaty.
    • At its meeting last week, the committee voted to ask the provincial ministry of health to issue a communiqué that will remind doctors to provide service to all qualified patients.
    • It was part of the communique that was issued late last night.
    • They concluded with a communique asserting a collective determination to resist aggression.
    • In a communiqué issued at the end of the Pacific Forum meeting in Auckland, New Zealand last week, leaders repeated their concerns over the shipment of radioactive materials.
    • A communiqué issued by the leaders downgraded climate change from a global ‘threat’ to a ‘challenge’.
    • And to add authenticity to the scene the author has called upon a communiqué issued by Carlow County Council almost two years ago.
    • The two sides issued a joint communiqué stressing the need to restore friendly relations and agreed to broaden bilateral ties in various areas.
    • The following is from a communiqué issued yesterday by the Peace and Security Council of the African Union.
    • In a communiqué issued August 29, he ‘demanded that the kidnappers release forthwith their hostages unharmed.’
    • The communique is unlikely to go much beyond a statement of intent to reform rather than action.
    • The national shopkeepers federation acknowledged that it had issued a communique urging its members not to accept debit cards.