Translation of communist in Spanish:


comunista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmjənəst/ /ˈkɒmjʊnɪst/

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    • Few journalists covering prerevolutionary China can claim to be familiar with communist rebel life in the trenches.
    • Ironically, the unchallenged primacy of the supreme leader is also the saving grace of communist ideology.
    • Pristina was a stereotypical city built on communist architecture.
    • The interrogations were conducted by Russians, Germans, Hungarians, etc, all of them members of their respective communist parties.
    • There was the case of radio commentator Lin Bin who was firebombed by communist sympathisers.
    • Strangely they fail to mention the years he spent living in a communist country.
    • Stalinist reaction in the USSR had profound implications for the international communist movement.
    • Without a guarantee from a multilateral agency, commercial banks are wary of taking a punt on a mega-project in communist Laos.
    • During the first year of the renewed conflict, numerically superior nationalist troops made large territorial gains, including the communist capital of Yan'an.
    • Soviet security personnel orchestrated periodic purges inside the east European communist parties.
    • The grandeur of the architecture has faded only slightly from the neglect of the communist years.
    • In the interests of business the great capitalist became the communist government's most powerful supporter.
    • They grew up hearing every day how they lived in a communist country getting better all the time.
    • The rebels have not yet dropped their demand of a communist republic for Nepal, the rebel leader said.
    • I always knew my communist sympathies would pay off.
    • They didn't fit in with the communist regime's vision for the country.
    • Deals done in the past, between fraternal communist parties, continue to have ramifications in the present.
    • In 1960 the threat of a communist takeover of the newly independent Congo garnered attention to the whole of Africa.
    • During the communist era, Christmas in Budapest was a low-key affair, often celebrated clandestinely.
    • The communist Khmer Rouge have been blamed for the deaths of at least 1.7 million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979.


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    comunista masculine, feminine
    • The communists have formed a group under various labels since 1973.
    • I am a dedicated socialist and actually consider myself a communist in the true sense.
    • He still describes himself as a communist, and still calls for a revolution.
    • They were given a communist education and sang this song because it was the only one they knew.
    • We witness a communist leader addressing a trade union rally.