Translation of community home in Spanish:

community home


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    centro comunitario que alberga a menores que están al margen de la ley
    • Mr Walker said: ‘We operate an ‘open door’ policy, so we accept anyone who wants to rebuild their lives and live in a community home.
    • It became an assisted community home under the Children's Act of 1969.
    • He could not be placed in an ordinary community home because he had held two children hostage at such a home the previous year.
    • Volunteers willing to befriend young people in foster care and community homes are being sought.
    • Volunteers are being sought in Bradford to help improve life for children in foster care and community homes.
    • They were one of the first couples in the city to sign up to Community Parents scheme, which encouraged families to take children from community homes into their own homes.
    • Residential community homes accommodate juveniles who have committed less serious offenses or are nearing the end of their sentence and preparing to return home.