Translation of community spirit in Spanish:

community spirit

espíritu comunitario, n.


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    espíritu comunitario masculine
    civismo masculine
    • I have not witnessed so much goodwill, happiness and community spirit on the streets of Marlborough for a long time.
    • There was a feeling of real community spirit in Skipton at the weekend as local people pulled out all the stops to provide a gala procession.
    • All that is required now is some goodwill and community spirit and a little light work from local people.
    • Pride and community spirit are returning to the area with half of all residents saying they now look out for each other on a daily basis.
    • It was a brilliant concert and it brought joy and laughter and community spirit to the area on both nights.
    • When volunteers put time and effort into local projects, just one vandal strike can shatter community spirit.
    • There is room for improvement to morale and community spirit in the town.
    • He had no community spirit and no real desire to please the others.
    • The feedback has been excellent and there is a feeling of renewed community spirit in the village.
    • However, that strong community spirit has always been there and it is reflected in the club's fund raising for charity.
    • An entire village will join a new scheme to boost community spirit next month to ensure its older residents are more cared for than ever.
    • In the deprived part of Edinburgh, nearly half of residents felt there was little or no community spirit where they lived.
    • It is a place where community spirit overflows, everyone knows each other and where crime rarely hits the headlines.
    • But in some areas community spirit is alive and well thanks to residents who care for their street or estate.
    • They celebrated the contributions of those whose community spirit has made a difference in York.
    • Nevertheless, John remembers it as a happy childhood in an area with genuine community spirit.
    • They believe it will attract tourists, increase business and bolster community spirit.
    • Youngsters worked together to create a haven in their street to help rebuild community spirit.
    • We worked hard, for much less, but we also had peace of mind, trust and community spirit.
    • She also noted it was great to have such community spirit where people looked out for one another.