There are 2 main translations of compact in Spanish

: compact1compact2


compacto, adj.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpækt/ /kəmˈpakt/ /ˈkɑmˌpækt/ /ˈkɒmpakt/

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  • 1

    (small and neat)
    • It had to be compact enough to fit in the tight shelf space reserved for impulse buys at the supermarket.
    • Be assured, this latest XJ is compact enough to fit into a normal-size garage, and can easily cope with the tight spaces of multi-storey car parks.
    • The device would fit all sizes of pram or buggy, including three-wheelers, and was compact enough to fit into the overhead lockers on aeroplanes.
    • For travelling it is carried split in a padded carry case, which is compact enough to fit even a small overnight travel bag.
    • It's also compact enough to tuck neatly into an entertainment center or tabletop without being too obtrusive.
    • When it rained or snowed, the little carbine was compact enough to fit under your slicker and to tuck up under your arm.
    • Excellent marksmanship is one of the key skills required of the marshals, who work in very compact spaces often tens of thousands of feet in the air.
    • Not for the extra features, or the compact size, but for the simple fact that they look killer on a computer screen.
    • The human brain keeps experience and memory and everything else that makes its owner who they are, in a nice compact space.
    • Samantha and Todd share a compact space that provides a chair and computer station for each of them at a gracefully curved, solid cherry desk.
    • The compact machine has many features that can benefit packagers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and small device parts.
    • Previous models have combined loads of features and award-winning compact designs - albeit at a hefty cost.
    • He found the parking garage and drove nonchalantly to the fourth floor, where he found a compact space between two larger vehicles.
    • These two-dimensional examples give us an idea of how to build the more difficult three-dimensional, topologically compact spaces.
    • A compact version of a space ship floated right outside the doorway.
    • There were around 80 teenagers in around their mid-to-late teens, all dancing on a wooden floor in a compact space.
    • In a compact space, a narrow painted wardrobe or corner table and chairs can serve as a unique area of interest within the space.
    • Dark colors are dramatic but will make a compact space seem smaller.
    • The gear-driven design also makes the unit more compact than other similar components.
    • They provide the right set of features in a compact form for the right price.
  • 2

    (tightly packed)
    (soil) compacto
    • Rugosa roses make up a dense, compact hedge at the end of the garden without distracting from the sea view.
    • We snuggled together around the fire we had built, all together in a compact ball around the small flames.
    • Therefore, the shell wall is not compact or dense and is, in fact, poorly defined.
    • He said that pasta's dense, compact nature means that it is digested more slowly than other starches.
    • Because it is only 1 micro m wide, we can make a much denser, more compact, device.
    • Below this mass, these dense, compact objects are supported against further gravitational collapse by fermion-degeneracy pressure.
    • This theme is carried through to the interior with a lower seating position, aluminium trim elements, a higher centre console and a compact instrument cluster.
    • Near the port area is compact Ladadika, a cluster of squares and streets which formerly comprised olive oil warehouses and markets.
    • These cones normally migrate together in a compact mass.
    • Furthermore, in cultivated soils, dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil.
    • It is true that the Paris region area is denser and more compact than are common world cities (such as London).
    • Its texture ranges from dense porcelain-like to a compact granular material composed of minute crystals.
    • The centroid linkage method was utilized because of the way it can maximize compact clusters composed of similar cases.
    • Its tiny, bell-shaped, cobalt-blue flowers, each with a very delicate white border, form a compact cluster.
    • When the weather is cold, they cluster into compact balls and shiver, warming the hive.
    • The protein units appear to be packed in a compact hexagonal way and from the position and distribution of the spots it is possible to derive some structural parameters.
    • Then it's sent to a bale press, which compresses loose cotton into compact, dense bales.
    • To protect the environment, all the villagers built their houses in a compact area.
    • In this heightened world, everything needs to be compact and tight.
    • The towns that were affected were mostly small communities of brick houses, a compact commercial area, a church or two, a school, and maybe a health clinic or a hospital.
  • 3

    (style of writing) conciso
    • His writing is compact, there is description and dialogue here, but nothing extraneous to the plot, or plots, of which there are many.
    • Those who wish to read an overview of cancer of the lung will find this concise and compact book very useful.
    • Soon, we have witnessed a compact summary of the scientist's obsessive quest to develop a genetically modified human being.
    • Now, let's turn to the split rumours, which he has provided a compact summary of.
    • The utility of compact expression is short-lived.
    • A compact summary of his ideas is difficult to pull off.
    • Chapter 2 has a this-happened, then that-happened quality that defies a simple and compact summary.
    • This is a compact, intelligent, plainly written and well organised account of the elements of the craft of writing fiction.
    • Overall this book is a wealth of information in a compact, easily understandable form.
    • Poetry is a dense and compact literary medium and its impact in rousing the soul needs no emphasis.
    • As a result, this complete yet compact book is crowded.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (soil/snow) compactar
    (soil/snow) comprimir
    • The more dense and compacted the snow is the easier it will be to perform slides.
    • I was forced to compact a six-shelf collection of boxes for my impending move and my collection would take up a lot less weight and room if this was implemented sooner.
    • Gasoline or diesel engines drive an eccentric weight at a high speed to develop compaction force and vibrations that compact granular soils.
    • The long DNA chain is naturally compacted in a dense form in most biological systems.
    • These act as a giant poultice, drawing toxins out from the skin, compressing and compacting the soft tissue.
    • I've been using Zip compression to compact files for storage and transmission for longer than that.
    • The problem is that walking on earth compacts it, causing a need for deep double digging in spring to get the air back in the soil.
    • It's the story of Hanta, an old man who has worked for decades compacting waste paper, books especially, in his press, selecting a couple to take home with him and read.
    • It's also good to use early in the spring instead of heavier equipment which compacts wet spring soil.
    • By increasing the tire effective width, about twice the soil volume is compacted compared to single tires.
    • Wallowing also lays the soil bare and compacts it.
    • When the mulch is compacted too tight, this air flow cannot take place, and as the mulch continues to decompose it becomes extremely hot as the organic matter ferments.
    • Both materials are quite similar to each other and the main difference is that material IC was compacted in thicker layers.
    • We placed the stone at 10 inches thick, then compacted it to 8.5 inches, then cut it with the grader.
    • When using the combat roll, your downward energy is compacted and the tight roll causes a slight flowing impact.
    • Some evidence indicates that the traction exerted during cell locomotion can concomitantly compact the surrounding network.
    • Some areas, like the vegetable plot, have been well cultivated in the past and have a deep, well-textured soil, while other areas are more compacted with a clayey subsoil quite close to the surface.
    • Several tons of paper, cardboard, untreated wood and plastic are compacted into more than 2,100 tons of pellets each year and burned alongside the coal.
    • Everyone passed paper back to Timmy, and he compacted it into the most lethal paper wad ever conceived.
    • Leaves are then compacted under train wheels to form a thick, greasy layer on the top of the running rails.


  • 1also powder compact

    polvera feminine
    • Looking once more in her compact's mirror, she got out of the limo and ran up to hug him.
    • There were lipstick holders, compacts and mirrors discreetly designed to go inside.
    • Veréd Cosmetiqué's bronzing powder is encased in a beautiful silver compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the brush applicator.
    • The chic leather compact also has a mirror, lip brush and dual-ended eye brush.
    • Kaitlin takes out a compact from her black satin purse and starts applying some face powder.
    • The compact is a olive green cosmetic-like container with an acrylic mirror to assist in self application.
    • Her stomach fell as the box went up while the girl pulled out a compact from her $700 flare jeans and started to check her perfect unblemished reflection.
    • Vintage bowling bags have been reinvented as women's accessories, from compacts to purses.
    • In addition, colors look ‘truer’ in the compacts, without a real difference on the skin, which is common, she said.
    • You with the make-up bag on your lap, compact in one hand and sponge-brush in the other.
    • Sandra answered, clipping her compact shut and turning to engross herself in the conversation with Isabelle.
    • Philippa pulls a cigarette from a silver compact and taps it against the cover.
    • To ensure the shades go together, purchase a compact with two coordinating shades.
    • At the bottom of nearly all my handbags and suitcases can be found a random array of black eyeliners, lip glosses and discarded powder compacts.
    • Finally, I remembered my coat and the extra makeup I'd brought - including a powder compact.
    • I almost regretted agreeing to let her help me get ready for the party when I saw the array of brushes, compacts, bottles, and tubes littering the top of her sink.
    • After touching up her lip-gloss, Sally closed her compact.
    • The woman standing next to me applied makeup from a compact, oblivious to our impending doom.
  • 2US also compact car

    coche compacto masculine
    • If you have a good printer or photo studio, you will hardly be able to tell them from work by a conventional compact.
    • Trumpf will display the VectorMark compact, a valuable tool for various industrial and commercial marking tasks.
    • Used as a family snapshot camera it's on a par with early colour compacts, using cheap colour film and cheap laboratory processing.
    • But you can't ignore them: sport compacts, rice rockets, whatever you want to call them, they're today's hot rodders.
    • The baby-size pocket guns, the compacts, the full size, and the long target models, all fit the same holster.
    • They are available in eight-round capacity for full size guns and seven-round for compacts.
  • 3 formal

    pacto masculine
    acuerdo masculine
    • All the Liberal Party candidates refused to sign the compact.
    • In fact, a ‘one license limit’ is a condition of participation among states that are parties to the compact.
    • An interstate compact is an agreement between two or more states that allows this practice model.
    • By Tuesday - the day for touring that hole in the ground - both compacts had settled for neatness rather than impact and left it to their big brothers to do the newsstand business.
    • It was that very success that encouraged the community of nations to try its collective hand at drafting a similar compact to deal with global warming.
    • The Constitution and federal law require that the state and tribes sign detailed compacts to spell out exactly how the casinos will be run.
    • But at the heart of this collection of treaties, compacts, laws and court decisions are two sets of documents.
    • The compact under multiculturalism is that each community within a society must have the freedom to sustain its own identity, traditions and culture.
    • It's a compact between citizens and between generations.
    • It was rather a ‘federal’ approach, a compact between indigenous lords and their nominal superiors.
    • They are not concerned, and claim not to notice, the egregious breach of the compact between society and the media.

There are 2 main translations of compact in Spanish

: compact1compact2


pacto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmˌpækt/ /ˈkɒmpakt/


  • 1

    pacto masculine
    acuerdo masculine