Traducción de companionable en español:


sociable, adj.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpænjənəb(ə)l/ /kəmˈpanjənəb(ə)l/

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    (person) sociable
    (person) amigable
    in companionable silence en amigable / cordial silencio
    • Annoyingly, they have for the most part turned out to be pleasant, companionable, warm, decent folk.
    • He loves me because he believes I am beautiful, and we are generally companionable.
    • Second, try to be at least a little companionable while we're stuck here.
    • He is always a companionable narrator, but he also knows when to let his subjects speak for themselves.
    • Amy didn't so much laugh as cough, and Father Marino, companionable, did too.
    • I wasn't far down my first beer when I decided he was probably the most companionable man I'd ever met.
    • But the site of them, unquarreling, almost companionable, prompted me to resume it.
    • Others find him less than companionable because of these qualities.
    • The two evolved from antagonistic opponents to companionable partners, and would play practice rounds all day.
    • He was companionable to the few who came within his favor but never hesitated to speak his mind, however unpleasant the impression left.
    • Continuing upward, we passed an old log barn from which we could hear the companionable gurgles and neck bells of sheep, safely shut away behind a door.
    • She realized she had lost the companionable Nick and was once again confronted with the strange, quiet, and somewhat frightening, angry Nick.
    • Then, too, Harrison was more of a companionable colleague than a charismatic authority figure who vigorously promoted his ideas and nurtured disciples.
    • Literature is filled with companionable, often jesting and jawboning mates, an endless procession of Nicks and Noras and Mr. and Mrs. Bennetts.
    • Of the entire team, Elvira was the most companionable, genial and impressionable member, always bubbling with enthusiasm and high spirits.
    • Jim finds him to be ‘a most companionable fellow’.
    • This battle-scared male veteran was missing his right eye and many teeth, had several fresh wounds which had to be treated, and yet was very compliant and companionable.
    • She is an informative, analytically rigorous, yet always companionable and deeply humane guide through the moral thicket that is early 21st century assisted reproduction.