Translation of companionship in Spanish:


camaradería, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpænjənˌʃɪp/ /kəmˈpanjənʃɪp/

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  • 1

    camaradería feminine
    compañerismo masculine
    • But alas, females enjoy friendly male companionship and figure the news can wait.
    • The tree pollen will soon disappear and, in the meantime, I have friendship and companionship to help me along.
    • Officers promoted from the ranks say they miss the easy friendliness and companionship of the mess deck but it is hard to see how.
    • It's aim is to bring people together for companionship in the first instance, said Mrs Shepherd.
    • He also told me that companionship can grow to friendship then to intimacy then finally to love.
    • None was like him, and so none could provide fellowship or companionship for him.
    • Bread is a symbol of life, and the sharing and breaking of bread, a basic act of fellowship and companionship.
    • Friends provide companionship and support when things go wrong, and are a social group with whom we share values and beliefs.
    • When you feel lonely for companionship, invite a friend to dinner.
    • Maybe it was the drop in her history grade, or the lost companionship of her best friend.
    • The family also teaches that kin are the appropriate source of friendly companionship.
    • It is built upon the foundation of friendship and companionship, and trust.
    • Will two unsuccessful, undateable losers in love find companionship together?
    • The dance revolves around the idea that children from poor backgrounds need companionship and love.
    • Nothing seems to contradict the longing for warmth and companionship more than a multiplex.
    • The years of loyal companionship and unconditional love have left me with many happy memories.
    • It is a plaintive ode to the joys of platonic love and companionship.
    • She provides love, companionship and entertainment, and brings so much happiness to my life.
    • In most of the islands, music is made to keep people together and enhance their companionship.
    • The modest companionship of working together was to become the substance of religious dialogue.
  • 2

    compañía feminine
    she missed female companionship echaba de menos la compañía de otras mujeres