Traducción de companionway en español:


escalera de cámara, n.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpænjənˌweɪ/ /kəmˈpanjənweɪ/


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    escalera de cámara femenino
    • To minimize maintenance, the only wood used in the entire boat is the tiller and the only opening to the area below deck is the companionway.
    • The master stateroom is aft and can be reached either from the main saloon or a companionway off the aft deck.
    • I made one more trip forward, through the big main cabin, and climbed up the steps of the forward companionway.
    • The main points of interest on the three deck levels are the railings, lifeboat davits and companionways.
    • The main saloon of the Mariner has a settee to starboard just inside the companionway and a convertible dinette to port.
    • Hornblower stepped into the companionway, walking to her cabin.
    • Having heard steps in the companionway, she decided to leave the cabin.
    • Extending his hand to her, he supported her as she picked her way down the companionway to the main deck.
    • Once on deck, his escort left him, waiting on the main deck next to the companionway.
    • Central to this deck level was a companionway leading back towards the bow.
    • Heading back towards the line, past the holds and the wheelhouse, the starboard companionway retains a little more of its wooden cover than the port side does.
    • The pilots' compartment was reached through the companionway leading from the cabin.
    • There is easy access to companionways and cabins, with open hatches and large windows to swim through.
    • She recovered herself and cautiously took two steps up the companionway, just enough to see around her.
    • Storage is beneath the berth cushions, and an optional portable toilet fits along the companionway.
    • Back at deck level I searched for the companionway to lead me into the ship.
    • I took a relaxed look inside the wheelhouse and made my way along a short companionway to the small aft section.
    • Further aft, the deck reforms and you can see the engine room, with companionways on either side, and doors and spaces where brass portholes used to be.
    • Going out of the bridge by a side door, he ran along the deck space between the wall and the railing, toward the companionway that led down to the dock the ship was tied to.
    • Other key features such as bollards and companionways are still visible and rumour has it the engine room can still be penetrated.