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compañía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkəmp(ə)ni/ /ˈkʌmp(ə)ni/

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nombreplural companies

  • 1

    • 1.1(companionship)

      compañía femenino
      bring somebody with you for company vente con alguien para que te haga compañía
      • in sb's company en compañía de algn
      • They don't mind very much, especially as you provide such scintillating company.
      • She's also there just to provide extra company for her mum and brother.
      • Some very dear friends provided good company throughout, and I go to bed this evening tired but happy.
      • We have always enjoyed their company and friendship on both sides of the Atlantic.
      • The group meets every Thursday evening for two hours and provides company and entertainment.
      • She provided me with good company and was also able to relieve me of burden where Adan could not.
      • You are not obligated to provide her with your company just because she insists on it.
      • It is like a friend whose company you enjoy, but who you'd never try to solve the problems of the universe.
      • A good mixer, Pat enjoyed company and quickly made new friendships in the area on his return.
      • Very good friends are likely to enjoy your company even if faced by the spectacle of you sitting in front of an empty plate.
      • They said it was a great chance to form new friendships and enjoy each other's company.
      • Secondly, that I love my friends, both old and new and thoroughly enjoy their company.
      • It's about good company, enjoying the environment and just simply chilling out.
      • Altering the visiting times will leave the elderly more alone and without company.
      • Joe was very well known in this area and was known for his excellent company and gift of conversation.

    • 1.2(companion, companions)

      the dog will be company for her el perro será una compañía para ella / le hará compañía
      • she's excellent company es muy agradable (or divertido etc.) estar con ella
      • I'm bad company when I'm depressed cuando estoy deprimido es mejor dejarme solo
      • she's been keeping bad company recently últimamente anda en malas compañías
      • Old Boy, however, is up for another drink in the hotel bar, and proves excellent company.
      • She is as sharp as a tack, but excellent company in a social setting.
      • Jackson was a lovely caring man, whose warmth and sense of humour made him excellent company.
      • Even political foes admit that he is pleasant company and a sparkling wit.

    • 1.3(guests, visitors)

      visita femenino
      are you expecting company? ¿esperas visita?
      • we've got company tenemos visita
      • to know how to behave in company saber (cómo) comportarse en sociedad
      • I probably would have invited him over if I hadn't been expecting company anytime soon.
      • Just before the dive Jose Luis tells us that we can expect company.
      • If he was expecting company than why did he look so disgruntled when he answered the door?
      • When you expect company you clean the house and do numerous things to make them feel welcome and safe.
      • It will leave dirty underwear on the coffee table when you are expecting company.
      • He had put down his pack and was wondering what he could use for bait when a noise from further downstream alerted him to the fact that he had company.
      • When we returned home, my father had company and invited us to join them.
      • I'd call myself so very lucky, just to have some company, to share a cup of tea with me.
      • He is currently keeping magnificent company in the European Golden Shoe rankings.
      • I am delighted to have the chance to say some words in such distinguished company.
      • Finally, remember that if you do suffer from bad breath, you're in excellent company.
      • But it wouldn't have been possible, or half as enjoyable, without the excellent company!
      • Mr Glover, who received the MBE five years ago for services to young people, is in excellent company.
      • At the prize distribution ceremony, the young winner had celebrities for company.
      • Yet despite keeping such low company, Brennan appears to have his heart in the right place.
      • Believe me, when you're up there on that stage with just your wits for company, it's no joke.
      • Two Scottish players appeared in this exalted company and did not look out of place.

  • 2

    (business enterprise)
    compañía femenino
    empresa femenino
    (car) (before noun) de la compañía
    (car) (before noun) de la empresa
    a pharmaceutical/shipping company una compañía farmacéutica/naviera
    • public limited company sociedad anónima
    • a trading company una sociedad mercantil
    • Smith and Company Smith y Compañía
    • we had lunch on the company la comida corrió a cargo de la compañía / empresa
    • company director directivo de una compañía
    • company pension scheme plan de pensiones de una compañía
    • company policy política de la empresa
    • company town
  • 3

    • 3.1 literario (body of people)

      cofradía femenino

    • 3.2Teatro

      compañía femenino
      a theater company una compañía teatral / de teatro
      • the company is on tour la compañía está de gira
      • It is estimated that funding for the five national performing arts companies accounts for about £20m.
      • One of the troupe's touring companies will visit the Edmonton Street Performers festival this week.
      • The company creates two new performances a year and often tours to Jakarta and Surabaya.
      • The company has been performing its collective creation at every stop along the way.
      • The classical music scene languished during the war as symphony orchestras and opera companies lost musicians to military bands.
      • He gathers together his company after the performance on Christmas Eve on stage.
      • Orchestras and opera companies battle on in the face of increasing evidence of public indifference and of diminishing investment.
      • She once famously shook hands with Dracula when she attended a gala performance by the company at Leeds Grand Theatre.
      • The company performed a play inspired by their experiences and written and directed by Aguirre.
      • In 1972, a company of young Canadian actors decided to write a play set on a farm.
      • At the Theatre Royal in Bath, Peter Hall is unveiling another summer season of plays performed by his own company.
      • In the late 1980s, Galina Samsova, a former dancer with the company, took the helm.
      • Paulo Ribeiro, who was performing with his company in Scotland last week, hails from Portugal.
      • One of the actors in his company is a young William Shakespeare, and Romeo and Juliet is first performed here.
      • The silent woman turns out to be Aminta, Henry's wife, and one of the leading performers in his company.
      • She acknowledges she would never have become an opera singer if the company had not given her the opportunity.
      • It will be the first time the ballet company has transmitted its performances to a venue outside London.
      • One would have to go back half a century to Benjamin Britten to find a composer whose works are regularly performed by opera companies worldwide.
      • He performed with various other companies, moving on to work with experimental mime which improved his mimicry skills.
      • I'd put a lot of sweat and my own cash into helping theatre companies pay actors.

    • 3.3Militar

      compañía femenino
      company, dismiss! ¡compañía, rompan filas!
      • The grenadier company of a line infantry battalion was paraded on the right of the line, the place of honour accorded to its status.
      • Stryker infantry regiments will have three battalions of four companies each.
      • The disseminated copies go to brigade as well as the rifle companies and battalion scouts.
      • Ground lines of communications to the infantry companies are the primary mode.
      • Shortly after I took command of a battalion, two of my companies changed command.
      • The firepower of an infantry company was increased by a third as the pikemen were phased out and issued with muskets and bayonets.
      • The next day he took temporary command of his company at the Battle of Resaca de la Palma.
      • This is routine in most medical companies in forward support battalions across the Army.
      • Here stood the Captain commanding the company with half a dozen men.
      • In the landing zone itself there had only been two Turkish infantry companies and an artillery battery.
      • An example would be a forward support battalion whose companies have diverse functions.
      • It can be practised by units as small as a company or platoon, or as part of a major programme to protect an industrial site or air base.
      • One would hardly send a company of infantry to do a job that did not exist.
      • The last to get back to camp that day were the two companies of Mounted Infantry.
      • The companies within these regiments report directly to the regimental headquarters.
      • Two infantry companies will be taking positions on the perimeter in next few days.
      • The brigade also has companies in Illinois and Massachusetts and a team in Guam.
      • This squad was standing directly in between the two companies of soldiers, a few feet from the podium.
      • A total of six police and military companies were quickly deployed to quell the unrest.
      • Our lieutenant, commanding the company, was the most affected by all this.

    • 3.4Marina

      ship's company tripulación