Translation of company secretary in Spanish:

company secretary

secretario de la compañía, n.


  • 1

    (in UK)
    secretario de la compañía masculine
    secretaria de la compañía feminine
    • A director or company secretary who wishes to defraud his company will probably always be able to succeed.
    • A limited company requires two directors, one of whom must assume the position of company secretary.
    • This document was countersigned by Ennis, the company secretary.
    • Mr Martin was appointed company secretary.
    • In 1991, he joined First Trust, where he served as solicitor, company secretary and compliance officer.
    • He advised me to write to Stan Purcell, the company secretary and director.
    • The company secretary was a Mrs Evans who was based in London but visited the Hereford factory from time to time.
    • He joined Aer Lingus in 1947, when the company was in its infancy and, after over 40 years service, he retired as company secretary and general manager of corporate affairs.
    • Would you please ask your company secretary to draft out the relevant paperwork so we may pass a copy to our solicitor for his approval.
    • The company secretary said the primary focus of the bank was to expand and it was considering opening more savings centres in the near future.