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comparable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑmp(ə)rəb(ə)l/ /ˈkɒmp(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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    (salary/situation) comparable
    (salary/situation) equiparable
    comparable to sth comparable / equiparable a algo
    comparable with sth comparable / equiparable a algo
    they are not comparable no se los puede comparar
    • I was expecting quality comparable with a DVD or Sky Digital, which we had in the UK.
    • Bad mistake, comparable with that of the citizens of Troy who thought they were getting that horse as a bargain too.
    • The team now aim to improve the quality of the tissue grown in the lab, to make it more comparable with that of a young animal.
    • It is an action movie with stunts comparable with the best in the martial arts genre.
    • They act as a safety net, comparable with the safety net of a trapeze artist.
    • A good bag of fish that was comparable with past weights but the composition of the catch was completely different.
    • She was comparable with HMS Invincible in firepower and speed but had superior protection.
    • The best of their wines are serious and comparable in quality to those from good wine-makers in Baden.
    • Had his team possessed a striker of comparable qualities, the tournament would have been theirs.
    • Despite this, the team was able to produce an image with sharpness comparable to that of Hubble's.
    • His tone was brilliant and the interpretation comparable to the best performances known.
    • He knows his experience is not comparable to Shackleton's feat of endurance.
    • The course is in top class condition and comparable to any golf club in the country.
    • The experiences I have described are in no way comparable to what we have to contend with in London.
    • His achievements are certainly comparable to those of the greatest figures in history.
    • It is not classed as a beauty therapy, nor is it comparable to Indian head massage.
    • Ben yelled as he brought down the sword with force comparable to that of a minor cyclone.
    • Beware of the hype because no matter what you hear, no hand-held is comparable to a laptop.
    • Being the third or fourth user of the system is not comparable to being the first user.
    • The best produces distinguished wine, comparable to that of the Rheingau.
    • It was a large wooden fort comparable to Disney's Magic Castle of today.
    • Such silk fibre was comparable to an iron fibre of the same measure, Dr. Sebastian said.
    • The ratio of domestic to international air traffic in China is comparable to the US.
    • Indeed, it claims that the physical energy gained by sleeping is comparable to that gained by eating an apple.
    • The population of Seattle has stayed around half a million, broadly comparable to that of Glasgow.
    • The number of cameras in Bolton is comparable to other boroughs in Greater Manchester of a similar size.
    • Prices are not yet finalised, but should be comparable to existing cars and will be announced next month.
    • Equally, saving a life that will exist in the future seems morally comparable to creating a future life.
    • Most bands these days end up being an experience comparable to chewing on a lemon.
    • Is this going to be comparable to the previous three oil shocks, or worse, or easier?
    • They have the further advantage of being comparable to the Home Office data.
    • When the capacitor discharges those volts, it delivers an amperage comparable to stun guns.
    • The steering provides feel comparable to running your fingers over the road.
    • The weather at last constant, fixed in purpose and content, comparable to a summer's day.
    • Neither of these are comparable to fake medicines in terms of the harm they can do.
    • The basic pay rates of staff in private prisons are comparable to publicly paid prison officers.
    • The number of books she sells in a year is comparable to how many people read a semi-decent blog in a good week.