Traducción de comparably en español:


de modo análogo, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑmpərəbli/ /ˈkɒmp(ə)rəbli/


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    de modo análogo
    de modo similar
    • Objectively, the Titan is as good in most respects and better in some than all the other comparably equipped and priced full-size pickups on the market.
    • Both rental car systems are comparably priced at approximately $10 / day.
    • These blood protein isolates tend to be more expensive than basic protein products, but they are comparably priced to egg albumen proteins.
    • Whether car buyers choose vehicles that run solely on hydrogen over comparably priced hybrids or gas engines won't be clear for a decade or more.
    • The ride isn't as supple as that of a comparably priced steel rig, but it's a good, solid platform with brutally efficient power delivery.
    • The institutional investors get the shares at a comparably low price, the value of which pops upward once the shares hit the open market.
    • The new discs are likely to be priced comparably with DVDs, and although there is no official timetable yet, the products could be available by the end of the year.
    • Unlike those comparably priced crops, ahipa plants must be pruned several times a season.
    • Although beef and pork are comparably priced, in your case that may affect your choice.
    • All likewise possess a comparably dark sense of humor.
    • It is equally true that many goods and services in our economy have undergone similar, if not quite comparably radical, changes in price.
    • I think it is fair to say that only those pilots who are A, known pilots and B, employees of comparably sized airlines are able to use jump seats.
    • When you look at the package the traders get, rents in Salisbury are comparably very favourable.
    • And yet, he went on to argue mischievously, are we not the victims of a comparably narcissistic delusion?
    • Where boys and girls score comparably on cognitive skills, boys get worse grades in the touchy-feely stuff.
    • Off-screen, there was a comparably clear declaration of intent.
    • It would be, therefore, completely unfair if we didn't compare a comparably equipped Windows platform to a comparable Linux platform.
    • That was comparably complex, and that took about the same amount of time.
    • I cannot remember having had comparably powerful feelings during the actual crisis.
    • Any doctor who ignored a comparably ominous symptom in a patient would be subject to a ruinous lawsuit.