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comparar, v.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpɛr/ /kəmˈpɛː/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(make comparison between)

      (statement/figures) comparar
      to compare sth/sb to sth/sb comparar algo/a algn con algo/algn
      to compare sth/sb with sth/sb comparar algo/a algn con algo/algn
      you can't compare cheap wine and champagne el vino barato y el champán no se pueden comparar
      • he compared the handwriting with that on the envelope comparó / cotejó la letra con la del sobre
      • it's tiny compared to your house es pequeñísima comparada con tu casa / en comparación con tu casa
      • These estimates of intrusion times may be compared to estimates based on magma supply through dykes.
      • The test was compared to one where similar cells were not exposed to such radio waves.
      • The wine list, again, was cheap compared to uptown prices and so we settled for a bottle of Brouilly at just under thirty bucks.
      • In both countries opposition has increased compared to a similar survey last year.
      • Similar patterns were detected compared to those described above.
      • Products carrying a strong brand usually attract a price premium compared to similar but unbranded products.
      • Premature babies are often compared to a different chart since they were born early.
      • Those factors are reflected in the government's inflation measure, which simply compares price changes for a set list of items.
      • Each dog is compared to the judge's mental image of the perfect specimen of that breed.
      • The bupivacaine-inhibition test was also compared to the inhibitor-free test.
      • However, he feels that it is not fair for him to be compared to Mickey as both are very different artists.
      • Then the results from the three labs need to be compared to see if the test is reliable.
      • He commissioned a survey that would compare British prices with those in other countries.
      • Each patch was then dried and the water areas measured and compared to sample weight.
      • A drawback in its use is the cost of measurement, although when compared to using molecular markers it is not very high.
      • They differ over how serious these problems are, compared to capitalism's benefits.
      • The report states that rates within the hospital are falling compared to other hospitals of similar size.
      • Surely the price of dinner would be cheap compared to few days in an ICU unit.
      • This equivalent nonconvertible bond price is then compared to the convertible bond price.
      • They, however, said that the price range for small cars is high compared to other cars of the same group.

    • 1.2(liken)

      to compare sth/sb to sth/sb comparar algo/a algn con / a algo/algn

      • she's been compared to Joan of Arc
      • You might think that this isn't a very good analogy, comparing prisons to a commercial passenger jet.
      • I like to use the analogy of comparing a campaign to a car.
      • We use things like analogies and say well compare it to how a flower grows, or find a comparison that is an every day common experience that makes sense.
      • The central argument that illegal file swapping is a serious crime comes from an analogy that compares it to simple theft - that is, to going into a store to shoplift a CD by hiding it in one's jacket.
      • If this does not come up promptly, the therapist asks if they would accept to compare their problem to whatever analogical image comes to the mind of the therapist.
      • Shrugging these lofty analogies a bunch of students compared the roof to an inverted computer.
      • He compares his subject to shoddy construction, and that's an analogy we can work with, because in software we're working at the thrilling edge of language and craftsmanship.
      • We often compare the construction process to a military operation, but she prefers the analogy of a well choreographed ballet.
      • In one of the more uncomfortable analogies I've ever heard, Reineke compares it to the singles life.
      • Luther, for example, frequently compared children to young trees, describing them as flexible and still amenable to being shaped.
      • At the time I would have compared her to a whirlwind, for wherever she went chaos and confusion invariably followed.
      • Indeed, it would be fairer to compare her to another insect - a busy, buzzy bumble bee.

  • 2

    (adjective/adverb) formar los grados comparativo y superlativo de

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to compare with sb/sth
    I liked his last book, but the new one just doesn't compare me gustó su último libro, pero el nuevo no se puede comparar
    • how do the two models compare for speed? en cuanto a velocidad ¿qué diferencia hay entre los dos modelos?
    • the prices compare pretty well no hay mucha diferencia de precio