Translation of compass saw in Spanish:

compass saw

sierra de calar, n.


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    sierra de calar feminine
    sierra caladora feminine
    • The oscillation drive of the inventive compass saw can be assembled and dismantled very easily.
    • The chip blower removes dust effectively in both compass saws to ensure a clear view.
    • Cut the drywall with the drywall saw or compass saw at the edges of the two studs.
    • A keyhole saw is similar to the compass saw: the handle is shaped differently and it is smaller.
    • The compass saw shown here had a narrow pointed blade which allowed it to be started through a small drilled hole.
    • With two holes and using the small compass saw to make a start for the larger carpenter's saw, two people can do it together.
    • The purpose of the last is obvious by its name, and the compass saw is used to cut curves on flat sheet.
    • It meets the needs of many who have been buying compass saws or other small saws to do the work that could be done more readily with a hand saw.
    • Electricians furnish their own hand tools: screwdrivers, pliers, levels, plumb bobs, hammers, pocket knives, hacksaw frames, compass saws, braces and bits, pipe wrenches and adjustable wrenches.
    • They resemble compass saws but have coarser teeth for cutting through wallboard, plasterboard and backing board quickly.
    • The continuous support of the saw blade during the swinging stroke provides for substantially improved operational results than in the known compass saws.