Translation of compensate in Spanish:


indemnizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmpənˌseɪt/ /ˈkɒmpɛnseɪt/ /ˈkɒmp(ə)nseɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (worker/victim) indemnizar
    (worker/victim) compensar
    (worker/victim) resarcir
    to compensate sb for sth indemnizar / compensar a algn por algo
    resarcir a algn de algo
  • 2

    (force/weight/movement) compensar
    • My issue is that he's compensating for his own missed childhood by appropriating other people's childhoods.
    • But to believe that this renders them unusable is to underestimate the skills that most artists would surely have for interpreting, improvising, and compensating for any deficiencies.
    • The title's realistic firefight sound effects partially compensate for this glaring deficiency.
    • Corrections to compensate for the effects of constant errors can be determined from the TFT.
    • She then compensates for any deficiencies with additional radial lights until the desired effect is achieved.
    • Rather, they may act in concert with other protective molecules in the plant cell, perhaps compensating for deficiencies in concentrations of such molecules during periods of stress.
    • They are either advertising their shock value or compensating for some inbuilt deficiency.
    • It compensates for its physical and spiritual inadequacies with national self-adulation and pompous symbolism, not the least of which was the recent naval exercise.
    • Simple educational interventions may help compensate for these deficits, improving academic performance, behaviour, and self esteem.
    • Since industry in the interior was woefully undeveloped, the nationalists used plentiful manpower in an effort to compensate for other deficiencies.
    • True, horses are good to be around and always easy on the eye, and the social pleasures of spectating can more than compensate for any deficiencies in the spectacle.
    • A diametrically opposite area in such a situation may be seen to be overemphasized as if to compensate for the deficiencies.
    • She's obviously enjoying herself, and the infectiousness of that pleasure rubs off on the audience and more than compensates for any story deficiencies.
    • He compensates for those deficiencies, however, with his leadership ability.
    • Siegel hypothesizes that the rats' bodies sought to compensate for expected drug effects by dropping in temperature.
    • The psychiatrist compensated for this effect by increasing the lamotrigine dosage to 400 mg/day.
    • Whether central mechanisms might be involved in compensating for effects of size variations in object recognition remains an open empirical issue.
    • A logarithmic transform of the power was considered necessary to compensate for the disproportionate skewing effects of delta activity.
    • Increased heat production resulting from increased muscular activity cannot be compensated for because of the vasoconstrictive effects of the drug.
    • Carlson suggests that an individual who is aware of this bias can compensate for it.
    • This is also true for visual working memory where no evidence of loss due to aging is demonstrated for processing low-level visual information, when individual differences in sensory input are compensated for.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make up for)
    to compensate for sth compensar algo
    • If I am injured in body or pocket I expect the person causing that injury to compensate me for any losses that I incur unless it has been a genuine accident.
    • No amount of money will ever truly compensate me for the loss I've suffered, the stress and emotional affect this has had on me.
    • The insurers then claimed the sum from the bus company insurers together with money to compensate me for ‘loss of use’ of the car until I bought a new car in August.
    • How can money compensate me for the loss of my family?
    • You get money only to compensate you for the actual losses you have suffered and will suffer in the future.
    • And $1.8 billion of taxpayer money has been spent, allegedly compensating farmers but their losses are greater than the compensation.
    • If I may be quite frank, all the money in the world could not compensate me for the loss of my necklace.
    • Is $250,000 enough money to compensate victims of medical malpractice for their pain and suffering in all cases?
    • Mr Murphy said that all widows and widowers who were overtaxed should be repaid this money with interest to compensate them for the loss of purchasing power.
    • Yet there was no willingness to compensate those suffering income loss.
    • If we're talking about compensating the victims, money is not the matter.
    • The deputy Prime Minister says he's decided how much he'll spend compensating farmers for a loss of water allocations, but there are still some technical details to work out.
    • I don't really hope she will compensate me for my suffering.
    • The money will not compensate me for what I have been through.
    • You can buy policies which compensate you for loss of limbs, eyesight etc.
    • If patients win their case, they are entitled to damages, an amount of money to compensate them for their injuries.
    • Do you want him to stay and is there some way to compensate him for the suffering that he has obviously endured?
    • Is the Council going to compensate me for the loss of value to my property over the last three years?
    • Later that day he was sent an envelope full of money to compensate him for my insolence.
    • He set out plans for compensating the people who suffer the loss of their homes.
  • 2

    Psychology Physiology
    to compensate for sth compensar por algo