Translation of competent in Spanish:


competente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmpədənt/ /ˈkɒmpɪt(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (person) competente
    (person) capaz
    to be competent to + inf estar capacitado para + inf
    he's competent in his work/as an instructor es competente en su trabajo/como instructor
    • K - 19: The Widowmaker is a competent, satisfactory submarine movie.
    • We'd been warned about possible poor service, but actually it was competent, if not outstanding.
    • But most were at least competent, some outstanding.
    • The video and audio is about what you'd expect for an independent release - competent, but not outstanding.
    • Overall, it's a competent but not outstanding transfer from Columbia.
    • The half continued with both sides competent but neither outstanding.
    • The combination of glossy production, adequate acting and competent editing was enough to make Pearl Harbor or The Mummy Returns at least tolerable.
    • In short, it was silly, funny, competent and only moderately contrived (for the genre).
    • I really want to replace my lovely Pentax SLR with a moderately competent equivalent.
    • No matter how low the taxes are considered to be here, I still don't see the point in paying them at the expense of a humane, decent, competent, consistent and affordable health care system that anyone deserves.
    • The IOC makes the NFL look at least reasonably competent.
    • The Federation is by far the most competent (another reason to play them) in terms of technology, economy and sheer size.
    • So maybe Interpol will continue to mature and put out decent, enjoyable, competent albums for the rest of their career.
    • First, the good news: the soundtrack is a simple stereo mix, and sounds reasonably competent.
    • I'm interested in the fact that neither side in this argument seemed adequately competent.
    • Our information concerning Mormonism must be accurate and up-to-date, while our critique must be competent as well as fair.
    • One of the most common features of death row cases in Texas is the lack of adequate or competent defense.
    • To do this well requires skill no less than does a competent physical examination.
    • Patients expected competent nursing care and clear, consistent communication and coordination between members of the healthcare team.
    • Use words that show her that she is competent, capable, and talented.
    • For example, there's an ingrained distrust in our society of highly intelligent, highly trained, highly competent persons.
    • Tang and Siew are both talented and competent persons.
    • They will say he's more competent and more accomplished.
    • The observation brought to mind the fact that we train highly competent women students for a career in IT.
    • Most importantly, he is also a very competent member of a trawler's crew, capable of gutting the fish fast enough to keep the packers happy.
    • We will continue to develop well-educated, motivated, and competent people skilled in the demands of the space medium.
    • She's competent and skilful and brave and strong.
    • What he discovered was that while a company can have talented and competent employees, they can readily get in trouble.
    • But this couple are two highly trained and, obviously, highly competent people who are happy to come to this country and benefit from the nice New Zealand taxpayer.
    • These are highly professional, highly competent people.
    • So basically, the thought is that this woman is going to start slashing the department, and only the really competent people will remain.
  • 2

    how's her German? — quite competent ¿qué tal habla alemán? — bastante bien
  • 3

    (legally qualified)
    (court) competente
    (witness) hábil
    • In other words, this is a finding of fact for the competent authority dealing with the case in the first instance and which, for reasons we give hereunder, we should not interfere with.
    • I went to court because the court is the only competent authority to judge whether the allegation holds or not.
    • It is a question of fact and degree in respect of which the court will only interfere with the decision of the competent authority if its conclusion is plainly wrong.
    • Under Article 9 the procedure of an appeal to a competent authority must precede the decision ordering expulsion except in cases of urgency.
    • She concedes that a review by a competent authority was required before the claimant could be considered for release.
    • However it appears to the Environment Agency that the ancient navigable status of the Thames at Hedsor has never been extinguished by statute or by any other competent authority.
    • It would be wholly absurd to regard each State Department Advisory or similar warning by a competent authority as a separate occurrence for the purposes of the deductible.
    • What it means is that a competent authority, presumably ASIO, assessed him as an adverse security risk.
    • Notification of charges should be prompt, preferably as soon as a competent authority first makes the charge.
    • That our appeals to competent authority were wholly inconsistent doesn't matter.
    • My third point is that I note that the Ministry of Economic Development is New Zealand's competent authority in relation to this legislation.
    • In Germany and The Netherlands, for example, the protocol can be submitted to both the competent authority and the ethics committee simultaneously.
    • Area military commanders, or the competent authority appointed by the president, have the power to requisition buildings, land and vehicles for relief work.
    • Following his ‘conviction by a competent court’ in December 1966, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
    • There is a right of recourse against any other person liable under the Protocol, or under a contract, or under the law of the competent court.
    • In some cases, things may have happened (e.g. a conviction by a competent court or action being taken with a view to removal) which justify detention.
    • The issue in question must have been decided by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction.
    • The doctrine of res judicata prevents relitigation of matters that have already been determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.
    • It would be safe and in conformity with legal and moral principles that you turn to a competent court of justice and file for a divorce.
    • That being the case, it is inconceivable to me that an accused cannot raise, by way of prerogative writ, the issue of the statutory validity of service before a court of competent jurisdiction.