Traducción de competitive en español:


competitivo, adj.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpɛdədɪv/ /kəmˈpɛtɪtɪv/

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  • 1

    (sport/industry) competitivo
    competitive examination concurso de / por oposición
  • 2

    (person) competitivo
    (spirit) competitivo
    (spirit) de competición España
    • Bayern Munich may have been knocked out of Europe, but their competitive spirit is as strong as ever.
    • Even their displays of competitive compassion only emphasise how illusory the choice is.
    • This was an excellent game of football, displayed by two very competitive sides.
    • Because of this, overtraining is typically accompanied by a loss in competitive desire and a loss in enthusiasm for training.
    • He was strong and competitive, but had a soft side that he rarely showed to anyone but family.
    • It seems the formidable competitive streak which made him the world's greatest all-round athlete remains.
    • There also burns, below a serene surface, a fierce competitive streak.
    • Not to mention that the years spent fighting each other had given them a bit of a competitive streak.
    • Her competitive streak was raging, and she fully intended to win this game.
    • The competitive spirit flows strongly, too, in the rapidly reviving brass band.
    • They have got a new continental manager who has been a massive success in the notoriously competitive Spanish league.
    • He also predicted the potential of competitive spirit in Asian countries.
    • A confident, competitive, compassionate Scotland was, and is, an ambition worth working for.
    • I've always been very determined, very competitive, wanting to be the best at things that I'm into.
    • It's very competitive and assertive.
    • Given this age dominated by a competitive mindset, this might be the most natural thing to happen.
    • Professional challenges continue to thrive and you need to be competitive and confident.
    • A large quantity of fuel is wasted as a result of competitive driving leading to accidents.
    • Murray's competitive spirit and determination to succeed has not gone unnoticed among his peers.
    • The sport is full of gifted, incredibly competitive and strongly motivated people.
  • 3

    (prices) competitivo
    (salary/pay) bueno
    • They would then decide whether the prices were competitive enough to make it a sustainable business.
    • Three competitive proposals are usually enough to establish a competitive price for money.
    • A low exchange rate, competitive prices, and a whole lot of migration do not make them magicians.
    • All artworks are on sale at very keen, competitive prices, so come along and enjoy the wonderful display.
    • Drinks are on sale at competitive prices and members enjoy darts, pool and Crown Green Bowling.
    • Easy availability and the competitive price of pan masala in the market are other factors for its popularity.
    • So far had firings gone by 1900 that buttons made in Germany were on sale at competitive prices in Birmingham itself!
    • Prices are not competitive, in the economist's sense, as soon as they rise above marginal cost.
    • In the current market, however, a competitive price will be of paramount importance.
    • It is not enough that they are competitive on price and specification.
    • Being able to supply after-market transponder keys at competitive prices is only half the battle.
    • Longer stays and midweek visits are also usually available at competitive prices.
    • The success is attributed to an innovative use of technology combined with quality products at competitive prices.
    • We can offer beautifully tailored jackets, trouser suits, skirts and dresses at very competitive prices.
    • The new Sirion prices are very competitive and represent good value for money in the supermini sector.
    • Her brief is to produce a commercial range of designs at competitive prices that can be delivered in as little as 15 days.
    • MSN will be offered at a competitive price when the society is ready.
    • For nearly 20 years it has been putting the New World to shame in terms of its competitive price and reliability.
    • She is one of many people looking forward to a larger variety of quality goods with more competitive prices.
    • Trees are available in several shapes and are offered at competitive prices.
    • Many US firms could now find it is easier to export because their goods and services are considerably more competitive.
    • Air access and egress is considered a fundamental for any region which hopes to be competitive in the future.
    • Those projects as well as excellence in education will make the country competitive.
    • In the longer term, he was looking at how to ensure that Europe would be competitive in comparison with the United States.