Translation of competitor in Spanish:


participante, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpɛdədər/ /kəmˈpɛtɪtə/

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  • 1

    participante masculine, feminine
    concursante masculine, feminine
    (in competitive examination) concursante masculine, feminine
    (in competitive examination) opositor masculine
    (in competitive examination) opositora feminine
    • It goes without saying that, for a golf event to be contested fairly, every competitor must play off the same tees.
    • Competition rules state that competitors must be 15 or over because of the nature of the water.
    • He said there was plenty of interest from competitors keen to participate in the games.
    • Every competitor in both competitions received a medal and certificate for their afternoon's efforts.
    • So the competitor played with two players playing a friendly game, and one of them served as his marker.
    • That tells you everything about her as a competitor and an athlete.
    • That advantage for their American competitor has haunted the Europeans for a long time.
    • Although the American is a terrific competitor, she does not get the most from her ability.
    • The field also included a blind competitor and runners from all over the UK.
    • This year, the competitors will be taking part in a series of quick-fire sporting activities.
    • It also ensures you can compete with European competitors that you did not have before.
    • To stand a chance of being competitive competitors had to get through in 40 seconds.
    • It is not just in athletics that competitors have tried to evade being drug-tested.
    • I had to fight with my team mate and competitors at the beginning and push as hard as in a normal race.
    • If a contest ends in a tie on points, then the competitor with the most points before penalties were deducted is the winner.
    • It is a startling admission for a competitor in one of the most solitary of sporting arenas.
    • Worries are also being voiced about the health risks competitors are taking to keep their sponsors happy.
    • However, one in five believed that they were less agile than their main competitor.
    • If this event is to continue, we will need more sponsors and more competitors.
    • The competitors will be travelling from all over the UK and as far afield as America.
  • 2

    Business rival masculine, feminine
    Sport contrincante masculine, feminine
    Sport rival masculine, feminine
    Business competidor masculine
    Business competidora feminine
    • ITV has one distinct selling point over most of its competitors in the commercial sector.
    • Patents are often used by big companies to force competitors out of the market.
    • A company could be right in the middle of its launch campaign when a competitor releases a rival product.
    • In the world of commerce they are fierce competitors, especially in the world of media.
    • No competitor is the enemy, only the big corporations and people who think like Henry Ford.
    • The company argues that it will become a serious competitor to BT in the business services market.
    • There are rumours that certain golf companies forbid dating if it involves an employee from a competitor.
    • Enerco in turn entered into a back to back agreement with Anglo, the main competitor of BFL.
    • It has the backing of both Synopsys and its main competitor, Cadence Design Systems.
    • Worse still, these employees could defect to the acquiring company's competitors.
    • Ilse wasn't amused: the company is a fierce competitor of MSN on the Dutch market.
    • Either subject the BBC to the same standards as its competitors, or privatise it.
    • Companies arranged for competitors not to bid, or to enter phoney higher bids.
    • These people could be either your clients, your future employers or your competitors.
    • It seems the fresco was intended as a draconian warning to potential business competitors!
    • It was the absence of these types of competitors in the market that proved fertile for Carrefour.
    • None of its private sector competitors could call on similar government support.
    • Scots firms are already forking out more in business rates than competitors down south.
    • Investigations finally revealed the identity of the caller, a business competitor.
    • How, only to harm the business of a competitor, one will run to the Interior Minister.