Translation of complain in Spanish:


quejarse, v.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpleɪn/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    to complain to sb about sth quejarse a algn por algo
    to complain of sth quejarse de algo
    • She said local people had complained bitterly about the lack of notice for the plan to extend the deadline by a year.
    • Mrs Owen complained to an attendant but was dissatisfied with the response.
    • He complained to the local authority about the noises and smells from his neighbour's farm.
    • The pensioner complained to the President about a lack of plumbing in her village.
    • Part of this comes from her old-fashioned view that one does not complain about such annoyances.
    • Indeed, graduates have complained bitterly about a lack of school identity and diversity.
    • A rail passenger travelling from Montreal to New York City complained to the guard that his seat was lumpy.
    • This lawlessness had led locals to hold protest marches and complain about the lack of action by police.
    • The young have complained to me that the trouble with our leadership is that when they explain, it insults their intelligence.
    • Approaching my last year and a half, I was given bad dates to register until I finally got really fed up and complained to the dean.
    • Critics have also complained bitterly that the board failed to release financial records despite promises to do so.
    • People always complain about the lack of explanation.
    • Still, he is not complaining too loudly.
    • McClelland put air conditioning in a local church, and the pastor never complained about the noise again.
    • In the late 1970s, even critics complained about the shortage of actresses in major roles.
    • Customers have been complaining for years about the broken, ailing equipment and leisure officials are pleading for more visitors.
    • I imagine the police coming when a neighbor complains about the smell from the drains.
    • In Mumbai restaurants, customers were complaining about the quality of onions they were being served.
    • Authors complain loud enough when their publishers don't do it.
    • If I were a cyclist, I'd be complaining to the local council.

transitive verb

  • 1

    you're hurting me, she complained —me haces daño —protestó / se quejó
    • he complained that no one took him seriously se quejó de que nadie lo tomaba en serio