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complementario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑmpləˈmɛnt(ə)ri/ /kɒmplɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri/

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    (colors/interests/processes) complementario
    the two characters are complementary to each other los dos personajes se complementan (entre sí)
    • As this passage suggests, the argument he is about to undertake is different from, and complementary to, the previous argument concerning the non-contractual aspects of contract.
    • Section five deals with various points of view of the religions and how they are supplementary and complementary to each other.
    • While discovery and choice compete as the basis of identity, knowledge and choice are essentially complementary to each other.
    • All three modalities are complementary to each other and can be used alone or in combination.
    • The two industries are complementary to each other and therefore are not in any direct competition.
    • We focus on the mainstream retail clients, so the two businesses are complementary to each other.
    • This type of situation would appear to present two problems which are complementary to each other.
    • These two approaches are likely to be complementary to each other.
    • Its economies are complementary to each other, leaving ample room for exchanges and representing common interests either bilaterally or on an international level to further a free system of trade.
    • In so doing, general practitioners have shown that the intellectual framework within which they operate is different from, complementary to, but no less demanding than that of specialists.
    • It is true that he was responsible for the technical side of this project, but creatively, and on a production level, both felt they were very complementary to each other.
    • The technologies are complementary to each other, so there is no automatic choice.
    • Its champions, however, see it, not just as complementary to the earlier emphasis on whole organisms but as a new gospel which ought to replace it.
    • The arm sequences flanking either side of the probe are complementary to each other but are unrelated to the target sequence.
    • The top exponents of this system are experts in grappling and knowledge of this skill would be very complementary to any martial art.
    • However, they work by mechanisms that are completely different and yet complementary to the use of salvia.
    • More recently, however, the two programmes are adopting approaches that are becoming more complementary to each other with enormous scope for learning from each other's experience.
    • But what if we imagined an entirely different developmental model (or at least one complementary to that of traditional scholarship)?
    • Instead of serving dishes in courses, a Thai meal is served all at once, permitting dinners to enjoy complementary combinations of different tastes.
    • We are hoping that whoever comes forward will provide the town with a building which is complementary to the style of the remainder of the Pier Hill redevelopment.
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    (genes) complementario
    • By using complementary sequences of DNA molecules that were attached to different nanocrystals, small groupings of gold nanocrystals could be formed.
    • The bottom strand of the substrate is the complementary sequence of the top strand.
    • Specific genes are then identified and quantified by hybridization to a labelled DNA probe of a complementary sequence.
    • We report unbinding force measurements between complementary strands of DNA as a function of temperature.
    • There is no clear correlation between transitions in consecutive positions or on complementary strands of the DNA at the same positions, and both cases have been observed.
    • The DNA samples were denatured after irradiation, a primer was annealed to one of the strands, and a complementary strand was constructed using a polymerase enzyme.