Translation of complete in Spanish:


completo, adj.

Pronunciation /kəmˈplit/ /kəmˈpliːt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(entire)

      (set/edition) completo
      the complete and unabridged edition la edición completa / íntegra
      • the kit comes complete with tools and instructions el kit viene con las herramientas e instrucciones incluidas
      • he came dressed as a woodman, complete with axe vino vestido de leñador, con hacha y todo
      • It is not necessary to produce a complete list, or a closer analysis here.
      • Elements of each of those explanations may well be necessary components of a complete picture, but they are insufficient.
      • Finally, I added a complete list of archived postings by category.
      • However no list would be complete without a small list of the things I insist on leaving at home.
      • In order to enjoy the game, it will be necessary to get the complete and official rules.
      • Ask each firm that you are looking at for a complete client list going back no more than six years.
      • On a day like this though, the complete list is too long and it doesn't capture how much the situation has changed.
      • The complete list of banned items is printed on the backs of the tickets.
      • I'm anxious to get the annotating started but I won't do that until the list is complete.
      • No list would be complete without the famous rail at Saint-Joseph's Oratory.
      • When buying an apartment, ask the co-op board for a complete list of all the musically inclined tenants.
      • A complete list of abstracts is available on-line which gives the tenor of the whole proceedings.
      • If you're interested in seeing what else you can get for free, you can get the complete list here.
      • They've come up with a more complete list than any of the mainstream media outlets.
      • I'd rather scan the complete list of times and find the train I want to catch, not the train they think I want to catch.
      • No Caribbean music list would be complete without the man credited with coining the word reggae.
      • It may not be a complete list - but is probably so long that you won't be able to read every article.
      • It breaks my heart to talk about it, but this list wouldn't be complete without its inclusion.
      • I am not listing the complete contents because that would likely take more space than the review.
      • The best decision-making processes use the most complete data set.
      • The entire community is not complete without those with disabilities.
      • After two complete bars, the entire band returns, now dearly playing in compound meter.
      • If you invest before July, it should be able to run for its complete term and you should get the full benefit.
      • The military could keep all of these servicemembers on active duty for the complete term of their contract.
      • Do you have a complete and comprehensive report on your desk as to the full details of the operation?
      • We highly recommend this book to those who seek a more complete glossary of parapsychological terms.
      • Less than half of the relevant anatomical terms are used with complete consistency by all workers.
      • Let's forgive the generals if they decline to offer any intrepid reporter their full and complete trust.
      • The sway the song held over the spectators was full and complete.
      • We tried to do everything a professional news organization would do to give a full and complete story.
      • A visit to the site would not be complete without a full tour of the available goodies at the online Giant Robot store.
      • Best wishes for a full and complete recovery from all the racing fans.
      • When imagery blends with sound, a poem has come full circle and becomes complete in itself.
      • We are continuing to face resistance from fund managers in going towards full and complete disclosure.
      • But it will now be evident that he uses the term with complete consistency.
      • I now intend to work to ensure my full and complete vindication of the charges as expeditiously as possible.
      • Hopefully however, the popular Paul will make a full and complete recovery.
      • If we are to be given statistics, they should be in full and complete, not edited highlights.
      • If this aspect is to be fully woven into an analysis, it is necessary for a complete account of the series of exchanges in an interview to be available.
      • It was necessary to obtain complete buy-in from the faculty for any major curriculum reform.

    • 1.2(finished)

      when will the report be complete? ¿cuándo estará terminado / listo el informe?
      • It is quite a relief to have it finished and complete - it's been on my mind since April.
      • The blasting and rock removal scheduled to be complete was not finished.
      • With digital media such work can even look finished and complete.
      • However they will not know whether the treatment is successful until the course is complete.
      • When backfilling is almost complete, water to settle the soil around the roots.
      • He says it's not unusual that he's been recalled to Jakarta before his full term is complete.
      • Once the entire section was complete and heavy traffic began to use the new bypass, people began to lodge claims.
      • It is anticipated that a report will be published once the entire process is complete.
      • Once the entire adventure is complete on one title, players are then able to transfer saved data to the other and continue their quest.
      • Just a few hours, and the entire affair would be complete, the artwork a masterpiece.
      • It was only when the entire draft translation was complete that I had dared show it to him.
      • They seem to be nearly complete through 2000-01.
      • Investigations are not yet complete who exactly set the coach on fire.
      • A prolific football striker in school, D' Souza's transformation is now complete.
      • The investigation should be complete by the end of this year, he said.
      • Spirit says the changes will be complete by the end of the month.
      • Finally, I bagged up enough leaves to consider the task complete.
      • I have been asked to limit my public comments until this investigation is complete.
      • With Youssou N'Dour's Egypt album on the stereo, the transformation is complete.
      • When the transformation was complete, the man had grown over a foot taller.

  • 2

    (thorough, absolute)
    it was a complete disaster/failure fue un desastre/fracaso total
    • I made a complete fool of myself quedé como un verdadero idiota
    • it came as a complete surprise fue una auténtica / verdadera sorpresa
    • a complete waste of time una pérdida de tiempo total y absoluta
    • The other is the complete lack of finesse necessary to drive it.
    • Here we were looking at the blazing sunshine of the entire weekend, a complete contrast to our present weather.
    • A single wasp brought an entire factory to a complete standstill after it was spotted on top of a forklift truck.
    • Even allowing for the vicissitudes of history, the complete disappearance of an entire scheme of state furniture is puzzling.
    • The entire parlor was in complete silence as I left and walked up the stairs.
    • After dinner, he took me out to a movie and was a complete gentleman the entire time.
    • The events of the past week came as a complete shock to the entire team, as one might expect.
    • However, from our point of view, it has been a complete nightmare in terms of the administration involved.
    • From start to finish they showed a complete lack of passion for a game which their supporters want to win most of all.
    • This, of course, is a complete betrayal of decades of feminist agitation.
    • There was, of course, complete silence on the role of blogs in exposing the scandal.
    • Trips to the shops can be an assault course of complete strangers barracking her with queries over her triplet girls.
    • Of course our generation had complete respect for our elders and never ever gave cheek to them or annoyed them.
    • The study was, of course, a complete farce and didn't stand up to even the most basic examination of scientific methodology.
    • An almost complete stranger just asked her to hang with him and his friends.
    • She seemed shocked to hear her name from an almost complete stranger.
    • So I have been the most complete idiot for the past week.
    • What poverty meant to the peasants was their virtually complete lack of money.
    • He and I, though, were complete opposites other than possessing similar looks.
    • They hurl all kinds of abuse at refugees with complete disregard for the truth.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (building/education) acabar
    (building/education) terminar
    (sentence) cumplir
    when we have completed our investigations … cuando hayamos completado / concluido nuestras investigaciones …
    • The success of the second golf classic has provided adequate funds to complete this year's tasks.
    • The only difference being that the lead carries on above your head and in fact completes a full arc.
    • That is to say, randori provides the means to complete a painted dragon by filling in the eyes.
    • He arrived in the Las Vegas with trademark glitz and glamour carrying all the cards to complete a full house.
    • The carnival route will also be different this year with the processions starting in Canal Road, but stopping at Bythesea Road, rather than completing a full circle.
    • Horses not completing the full length of a gallop must not be pulled up to a standstill, but must at once walk off the gallop.
    • She won after completing a full house in 39 numbers, fewer than anyone else throughout the country.
    • This product completes the entire range of personal products the bank is planning to offer.
    • A clean, cool finish completes the urbane, hip feel.
    • After the finish, crews completed a 23 km road section to the start of SS11.
    • Davenport completed the finishing and other details on the metalwork.
    • Students who successfully complete this course receive continuing education units from the University of Maryland University College.
    • Hennessey found that students who successfully completed a reading improvement course were more likely to be successful in college classes.
    • Jenkins has recently completed his general dentistry residency, and Davis and Hunt are completing their medical residencies.
    • The project was finally completed in February 1943 and released the following month.
    • Fourteen ladies from this area have recently completed a ten-week course in preschool childcare.
    • A pilot project recently completed at Griffith University has tried something different.
    • Japan has just completed what are without question the most watched elections of the postwar era.
    • Once completed by June 2005, the facility would be equipped with a total of 12 modern pharma rooms.
    • Construction bids would be gathered next March, with the project completed by August 2005.
    • Construction should begin in March 2003 and be substantially completed by September 2003.
    • Their son, a physician, is now completing his residency in Seattle.
    • The US Census Bureau is finally completing what it started 116 years ago.
    • The works must be completed within nine months from taking possession of the property.
    • The Chiefs of Staff Committee believed the operation could be completed within a month.
    • Purchasers who are buying from plans should have their houses completed within three months.
    • Students can complete training in nine to 12 months, depending on the program.
    • New distributors complete training that includes mentoring, classroom time, and business fundamentals.
    • The work is progressing at a steady rate and should be completed on schedule.
  • 2

    (make whole)
    (set/collection) completar
    let me complete the picture deja que te termine de describir la situación
  • 3 formal

    (fill in)
    (questionnaire/form) llenar
    (questionnaire/form) rellenar
    • Participants completed a short written questionnaire at the surgery.
    • Visitors are required to complete long questionnaires before being issued with an identity card.
    • Please complete the enclosed questionnaire as this will enable us to take account of the needs of your club in the plan.
    • Oppositon to post office closures in the Twickenham constituency was highlighted again this week as questionnaires and petitions were completed.
    • All participants signed the informed consent before completing the questionnaires.
    • They signed an informed consent form and completed a demographic questionnaire along with several instruments.
    • All the participants were informed of the study aims and asked to sign an informed consent form and complete a standardized questionnaire.
    • Further, regulations require medical history questionnaires to be completed by patients.
    • The participants completed their belief questionnaires prior to any contact with the experimenter.
    • Open-ended written statements and questionnaires completed by faculty participants were also often used to evaluate faculty development activities.
    • The questionnaires were completed in late September, so the results should reflect the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.
    • The jurat to this affidavit was not properly completed.
    • The form contains a series of boxes which the GP completes.
    • In certain actions, we may also enclose a pro forma attendance note for you to complete instead of a typed report.
    • Women who remained convinced that they wanted to leave their child were provided with help in correctly completing the necessary papers to help the adoption process.
    • At least two midwives from the hospital signed up for a flat at the full cost, completed the paperwork and believed they would be able to move in at the beginning of the month.
    • The first foray overseas will happen in May, when a week-long trip to Norway is being lined up once all the necessary paperwork is completed.
    • Having completed the necessary paperwork, he was anxious to get back on the road and complete his deliveries.
    • In cases where parcels or registered mail were returned to post offices, he said that up to now a free service had been provided by completing the paperwork for people calling to the office to collect that post.
    • This would be of great benefit to the area so it is very important that the necessary survey forms are completed as soon as possible.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    formalizar el contrato de compraventa (in house purchases)
    • As it turns out I have a buyer for my property who wants to complete immediately instead of January as planned.
    • It stated that a copy of the agreement and side letter had been sent to the Claimant and that she would be able to complete when she had them back duly signed by the Claimant.
    • The tenant is given a certain time in which to complete.
    • We also asked Mr Denman if his client was in a position to complete.
    • That is said to amount to an offer to complete, accepted by Mr Zeffman.
    • You informed me that you were satisfied with this position and it was sufficient for you to complete.