Translation of completely in Spanish:


completamente, adv.

Pronunciation /kəmˈplitli/ /kəmˈpliːtli/


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    I completely forgot me olvidé completamente / totalmente / por completo
    • it's completely and utterly false es total y absolutamente falso
    • do you feel completely recovered? ¿estás ya bien del todo?
    • we completely failed to convince them no logramos convencerlos en absoluto / para nada
    • The vehicle came to rest in a ditch where it caught fire and was completely destroyed.
    • It may well turn out at the end of that that it was completely and utterly untrue.
    • I got out of the car and noticed that the tyres were completely worn from the sideways skid.
    • Finally the star came to the tee, eyed up the ball and completely fluffed the shot.
    • When she broke her arm and was told it would not mend completely, she consulted de Vries.
    • Is it likely that such a blog is going to give us a completely objective picture?
    • If she meant to say what she did say then it was a completely unjustified charge.
    • What struck me, was how completely over the top some of these theatre types can be.
    • On top of that I am also managing a small team whose purpose completely mystifies me.
    • Comparing across art forms may annoy but it is completely necessary to get a sense of scale.
    • So off we went to the vet, completely expecting Fred to not be coming home with us.
    • Of course, my mood will almost certainly have completely changed by the end of the day.
    • In a completely unrelated issue, what is the best way to treat a large flightless bird?
    • The amount of time I spent on it was completely ridiculous, as there was no real need.
    • It was about being away with a completely different group in the middle of nowhere.
    • Even the front passenger seat can be folded completely flat for any extra long loads.
    • It is a completely unsatisfactory position and we want to put it right as soon as possible.
    • It'll be a fantastic trip and a chance to see a completely different view on art and design.
    • To be fair to them, by the end of the programme both women are completely transformed.
    • On top of all that he's willing to try completely new things and rip up the script.