Translation of completeness in Spanish:


lo completo, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈplitnəs/ /kəmˈpliːtnəs/


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    lo completo
    lo total
    • The scholar's lament in the face of incomplete knowledge, however, underscores the completeness of our own.
    • The heavenly principle of love in its completeness is not comprehensible.
    • The city has no completeness, no center, no fixed parts.
    • The story possesses by its very nature a completeness not permitted the novel—it is an integer, not a sum.
    • You really want to forgive the amateurishness because of the speed and what seems to be the completeness of the coverage.
    • The total time required for the process depends on the complexity of the operation and the completeness of the information provided.
    • We are looking at the completeness of the environmental statements provided by both companies.
    • Should they seek completeness by drawing on artifacts from elsewhere or go all out for authenticity to the extent of using materials that are known to fail?
    • They could not verify the completeness of revenue in relation to assessment rates.
    • Its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.