Translation of compliance in Spanish:


conformidad, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈplaɪəns/ /kəmˈplʌɪəns/

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    conformidad feminine
    compliance with sth conformidad con algo
    • The empire must now be made to work through the capacity of a sovereign British authority to command compliance rather than again risking the uncertainties of voluntary co-operation.
    • If made within a reasonable space of time after the original publication of findings, such requests are normally complied with promptly and compliance is in fact normally seen as ethically required.
    • Now, sometimes one gets that even with regulatory legislation where one wishes to encourage compliance.
    • To add to this we have the simple fact that regulation and compliance in the US are starting to demand that companies keep audit trails of changes to data (or at least important data).
    • This is particularly important in light of the fact that compliance is fast becoming a key data classification driver.
    • The authority is meant to be out there ensuring compliance, but in fact it has not been doing that.
    • After the intervention, parents were giving their children far more praise to encourage desirable behaviour and more effective commands to obtain compliance.
    • They maintained an atmosphere of co-operation and compliance, without compromising the security of the protocol.
    • There must be a single body entrusted to implement a comprehensive anti-terror policy with the power to order implementation and compliance across all relevant government agencies.
    • In order to ensure compliance, we need also to develop our means of action.
    • In this context, the attitude engendered by a contractual mentality is one of minimal compliance rather than maximal cooperation.
    • All farms registered under the scheme must reach and maintain a level of compliance which far exceeds the legal requirements.
    • By maintaining tight compliance of production quotas, the organisation has managed to control world prices pretty well.
    • They could buy into stories, think there's cooperation and compliance and then it turns out there isn't.
    • Ever since, senior unionists have sought to find ways of evading their responsibilities under the agreement while maintaining the pretence of compliance.
    • He was in a unique position, commanding the machinery of party and state by both claiming personal allegiance and espousing hierarchy as the source of order and compliance.
    • Deadlines for achieving regulatory compliance are fast approaching and many are already here.
    • Patient compliance is improved because ambulation is permitted.
    • Poor patient compliance was reported in studies not showing positive results.
    • Studies indicate that many physicians demonstrate poor compliance with recommended tuberculosis treatment guidelines.
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    docilidad feminine
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    resistencia a la vibración feminine
    • The authors conclude that the presence of pathogens in the lower airways was associated with the level of inflammation, respiratory compliance, and gas trapping.
    • These additional factors may include worsening levels of inflammation hyperresponsiveness, lung compliance, or even levels of symptoms.
    • Stage I is characterized by reduced left ventricular filling in early diastole with normal left ventricular and left atrial pressures and normal compliance.
    • PP is the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure and reflects stroke volume and arterial compliance.
    • This supplement has been shown to improve systemic arterial compliance and elasticity, an indicator of cardiovascular risk that decreases after menopause.
    • It looks awesome and has good balance of stiffness to compliance, but the round drops feel uncomfortable compared to modern shapes
    • Mechanical compression is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and subject to poor compliance.
    • Major improvements of the wrinkling substrates method include the tuning of the elastic compliance.